Saturday, December 17, 2011

These Pics Will Make Your Mood Better (Nerd Party 2010)

Oooookkk.... Everyone knows I'm a big fan of making faces =))))
That is why I just LOVED pictures from Nerd Party held by Zachary Levi in 2010 =)))
And I can't help sharing some of them cuz they're just awesome and will definitely make you smile =)))) 
So.... Enjoy!!!! =)))

Real nerds, huh??? =)))))))

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Monday, December 5, 2011

Movie Monday

Hey there everyone!!!! Yup, I'm back with a Movie Monday post =)))
It seems like I've watched tons of movies lately but none of them are actually worth mentioning.... Ok... I gotta choose a few =)))
Here we go...

Hugh Jackman as a bad guy?? Ewan McGregor playing a role of a nerd sleeping with every other girl??? Ehhhhmmm..... No!!! Not good...

Liked it!! Worth watching!!!

I didn't wanna watch this movie cuz I kinda hate Ben Foster and Woody Harrelson...But I noticed that this movie was nominated for a few movie awards and decided to change my mind and watch it... 
Can you see the comment on the poster "Moving and enormously powerful with riveting performances"??Well... Guess what??? That's true!!!The moments when they came to the houses to announce the death of a loved one.... Dang it, those moments were so emotional that even most cold-hearted people would be touched...

I gotta admit, I loved this movie.... You might watch it thinking "Aaaahhh..... Just another big Hollywood movie".... Well... It is... BUT!!! It was based on a true story!!! And that's what's impressive!! That actually happened!!!
Plus.... After I last saw Richard Roxburgh in Moulin Rouge...I never thought he could turn into THIS!!! =))))))

In a nutshell... Watch it!!! =))))

Well... I guess that's all for tonight!!! Are there any good movies you watched recently???

Friday, December 2, 2011

Jaden Smith

Oh.... If only I was 13 again.... =))))))) 
So I found this cool photoshoot of Jaden Smith this morning  and can't help sharing!!! 
It's so... lively and artistic =)))
What do you think??

Awesome, huh?? =)))
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