Tuesday, August 31, 2010

R.I.P. Zyuzya

My little hamster boy died a few weeks ago. When I took him I somehow felt he wouldn't live long. I also knew there was smth wrong with him cuz his testicles were just huge and pink. I checked online later and vets said that it's normal if hamster's testicles are of impressive size. 
But a few weeks ago I found him barely breathing and not moving... The weirdest thing was that his testicles were gone... They just disappeared... Guess thew blew up or smth and it caused the death... I won't tell you in details cuz it's just super gross.... 
So after a few hours of this torment he died...
Later on mom found out that this kind of hamsters lives for 3 months only and that they always need a female one next to them..
Well.... at least now I know that wasn't my fault he died =)
I'm gonna miss this little one... even though he bit me all the time and was super noisy =))) 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Some Great Shots of Joseph Gordon-Levitt

So I came across some really cool photographs of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and I just can't help sharing the ones I loved most =))))




This guy is like a dream for any photographer =)))) I really loved these pictures... 

Monday, August 23, 2010

Dacha. Last Week

Well.... Looks like summer is over so I had my last week at dacha 2 weeks ago ((( 
Had my last swims this year, enjoyed last extremely hot days and ate a lot =)))) 
I didn't have much fun as always but it was good. I kinda miss those days. 
I really don't have much to tell you cuz it's gonna be super boring if I start =))) But I have some pictures to share =))) Took them from Yura's camera =)))

That's our little pool/pond =))) Yura made it much bigger than it was before =)))

Masha couldn't wait for the pool to be filled with water =))))

Guess it took a while =)))) 

Not too much excited about berries, huh?? =))) 

This cat is tiny and super tender... but she's a real hunter... Every day she brought either a mouse or a small bird

What a kind girl =)))) 

Hahahahaha.... Grandma washing a barrel =))) 


While I was at dacha the smoke finally went away and we had first beautiful sunset in a long while =)))) We were actually a bit late for it but still caught a piece of beauty =)))) 

That night the sky was covered with millions of bright stars... It was soooooo beautiful!!!!! I just wanted to take a blanket and spend a whole night watching the stars =))))) I also dreamed of going on a date under the starry sky =)))) With blankets and hot chocolate =)))) 

The Bounty Hunter, When In Rome and Remember Me

Yup.... a movie post again...=)))
Let's start with The Bounty Hunter

Eeeeehhhmmmm...... this movie isn't really worth mentioning... Thought it'd be cool but it kinda sucked....Ad it actually got lots of negative reviews..Really, all I can say about this movie after watching is that Jennifer Aniston has cool boobs =))) Really, that might be just a push-up bra but they are awesome =))))) And another thing is .... Gerard Butler is overrated... Just a muscular guy with his hair dyed being a bad a$$... Planning on watching a few more movies with him, we'll see maybe they'll change my mind about him =))) 

Ok... Next movie to mention is When In Rome

Oh.... I LOVED it!!!!!! Why? Cuz this movie makes you believe in fairy-tales again =))) It makes you smile, it makes you laugh, it makes you happy =)))) It gives you that sort of butterflies that a good romantic movie usually does =)) Both actors fit the movie just perfectly =))) Kristen Bell is SUCH a cutie =)))))) And her smile is like one of the most beautiful ever =))) Josh Duhamel..... I was totally shocked when I figured he's 37!!!! Cuz he looks like he's 20-something (Well... max 32) =)))))) And I gotta admit he's a very handsome man =))))))) 
All I can say about the movie... You gotta add it to your "must watch" list =))))) I'm gonna watch it again and again with years I'm sure =)))))) 

And the last one for today - Remember Me

Finished watching it just a few minutes ago... I heard a lot about this movie from people like that it's super intense and it made them kinda shocked and gave lots of thoughts.... So I expected a really good drama... Unfortunately that wasn't as much of it as I hoped.... 
For me this whole movie was about this little girl:

She was great and I was sincerely sorry for her during the whole movie... She's an adorable kid... 
When watching there was a feeling that just wouldn't leave me.... Something was going to happen!!! I was pretty sure someone was going to commit a suicide or die somehow... Well... if you watched it - you know the end....
Last 5 minutes of the movie - tears =))) 
I was glad to see Robert Pattinson in a serious movie... Nothing of that creepy Edward from the Twilight!!! Well.... only super dirty hair =))) Anyway the movie made me look at him in a bit different way =))) 
This movie did make me think of a few things... It showed me how much an elder brother can love his 'lil sis... That love was the main thing that touched me in this movie. For him his sis was like everything in the world, for whom he'd do anything... no matter what it takes...That's an amazing thing!!! I've always dreamed of and elder brother ((((( 
Next thing is that I wish I loved to read.... I really hate reading but I really want to start it and be absorbed by books and all that stuff..... well... I do read much more nowadays than before =)))) 
And the last thing is that I need a hobby =)))) That little girl inspired me =))) I really wish I had smth that I could express myself in...something that would be all me... I want to create...I want it to show what I am.... I just can't find it ((( I feel like I have no talents at all.... 
So.... I guess everyone who gets to watch this movie gets their own impression.... And I think it gives a million different thoughts to people, it's just that they are different for each of us. 

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