Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Smoke Stuff And Some Weather Talk

So ok.... July and half of August were anomalously hot in here (if I can say so)... Oh I LOVED it!!!! For me that was like the best summer weather over here ever!!!! I was "Finally the first real summer!!!!"... It was super hot with about 40C every day for a month!!! And I enjoyed it!!!! =))))))))) 
I really hated hearing people complaning ALL THE TIME about the weather... Even though I felt kinda sorry for those who could hardly take it. 
Ok... Everyone knows about the smoke situation in Moscow cuz it was on TV all over the world... Really I don't wanna talk about Moscow now.... just better not to =))))) 
Well.... I'm not gonna complain but we had smoke here in Yaro too.... Just establishing a fact I can say that fires in Yaro started even before Moscow rigion. They searched everywhere but couldn't find the hot beds so we had smoke everywhere. With time they started putting the fires down but that didn't really help... You came home and could see smoke even there. There were days when you could barely see the sun cuz it was just a small red circle in the sky covered with smoke. Well... I took it just fine and still enjoyed hot temperatures =))))) The only thing I didn't like about smoke is that there were no sunsets visible. Here in Yaro sunsets over river are absolutely amazing usually!!!! 
I've got some pictures from when we still had smoke: 

This is one of the typical sunsets on "smoky days".. Sucks, huh??? =)) 

The last day in smoke:

That was a rare day when you could see the "light path" on the water

 Yup... That's all smoke behind us =))) 

Well...Now the heat is gone =(((( And I kinda hate it.... 25C is nothing in comparison with 40C (((( I even got super cold yesterday being outside... Typical summer is back ((((( Guess I'll have to find a way to enjoy what we have.... 

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