Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lots of Oldies

I've been looking through lots of old pictures the other day and decided to share a few with you here )))) 
Let's start with these taken in 2005 in Tallinn, Estonia

Used to love this picture and put it as my profile picture =)))) Wouldn't do it now )))))

Same 2005

My teacher showing me my mistakes... I was a freshman back then...Everyone in the group hated her =))) I didn't really care though =))) 

At a lake not far from the place I live

Another picture I used to love =)))

Used to hang out with most of these people for about a year in the 11th grade.The blonde sitting guy was my best friend for a couple of years.The blonde curly girl in a scarf also was my best friend back then. I had been sitting with the tall guy in the middle at one desk in school for 2 years =))) He had a crush on me for at least a year =)))  Could tell more about the rest in the picture, bu that will take too much time ))) 

And some more pictures from that old 2005 =))) 



2006. My 18th Birthday. Guess what's in the box?? =)) 

My compuuuuuter!!! I cried of happiness having got it =))) Can't believe it's so old already =))) 

I'm pretty sure that was the New 2007 Year Eve

Grandma's Cats

This dark cat used to be ours until mom gave it to grandma cuz he ate her plants =))) He died of cancer long ago ((((( The one on the right came to our door as a tiny kitten and we brought it to grandma right away =)) He's still alive and he's absolutely huge )))))) 

Now he has a "girlfriend" =))) They love each other sooo much =))) 

They used to make lots of "babies" =)))) He's one of them =))) 

Ok.... That's all for now =))))))) I know... I've put way too many pictures on here... just wanted to share them =))) 

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Birthday Time

Let's start with my Birthday song =))))

My birthday actually started on Sunday when mom came back from her trip to Scandinavia...So on Sunday I got my Birthday presents from her =)))) That was mostly cloths but also some stuff I asked her to bring me like a Swedish flag and Swedish cookies =))))) But... to tell the truth these were the best presents I ever got from her...I was so excited about everything I got that I could barely fall asleep that night =)))) That even kinda made excited about the whole Birthday thing which is super rare =)))) Last time I was happy and excited about my Brthday as a kid... All the last years I remember I was super depressed. 
On Monday I fell asleep in a bad mood and woke up on Tuesday with same crappy mood ... so the whole day was kinda spoiled cuz of that... Morning started with mom and Masha coming to my room saying "Happy Birthday"... Mmmmm..... didn't help.... 
That was a very gloomy day as well cuz of that 

So in the evening my grandma and grandpa came and we had a sort of a family dinner... I made my Birthday cake and got to light the candles =))))) Masha hurried us saying smth like "Let's eat the cake already" =))))

Was thinking hard on my wish

And here we go

Love this picture

Got these shoes from mom as one of the presents =))) Love them!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010


There are so many songs about friendship...and what true friend really is. But have you ever actually had one like that? I'm pretty sure some of you have.... 
Here are 2 of my favorite songs about being a true friend.(If you don't really speak English - find lyrics)

McFly - You've Got A Friend (Can't remember who sang the original, but I like this one more)

Faber Drive - I'll Be There ( feat. Jessie Farrell)
(It's probably a song how your lover would support you, but for me it's a song about friendship)

Unfortunately I hate to admit it but I've never had a friend like in these songs. I don't have anyone who could be there for me whenever I'm down or in trouble.I don't have a friend I could call in the middle of the night.I don't have a friend who I could talk to about anything in the world, who would listen to me with understanding and support. Well.... All I want to say is that I feel like in the second song but don't have that kind of person to be there for me...
Aaron always tells me that I've got him and that I shouldn't be in such a despair. But oh well.... everyone needs a friend... I just feel like I need it now like never before..

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Me = Mom. Days 5 - 11

Day 5
Went to the country-side to visit grandma. I got my first tan )))
Luckily it was really hot and sunny =)) Masha had a lovely time playing.

Days 5-9
Don't remember much... They were pretty much the same.... Staying up late doing things about the house while Masha was asleep and then catching up with sleep at day time =))) 
A couple of phrases from Masha I remember:
- Do you know who I love? Everyone in the family and mayonnaise XDXDXDXDXDXDX
Masha: I want you to take me from the kindergarten earlier.
Me: I took you later on purpose so you could play with the other kids. Don't you want to play with them?
Masha: I don't. I want you to take me earlier because I miss you and I want to be with you. (Aaaaaawwww)

Day 10
Visited granny in the country-side again. I slept most of the time so Masha got to play with another girl of 12 years old. 

Day 11
Mom came back, but she needed to get some sleep so we went to grandma again. Masha had been coughing a bit by then and kinda had a runny nose so I asked grandma to look after her and went to take a short nap. After a short while I came back to see Masha standing barefooted on the ground in her panties totally wet.... I was sooo mad and so upset about that... I even almost cried. That day I tried to get home as soon as possible. Fortunately Masha didn't get even more sick after that incident. 

After we got back home that day my time of being mom was over (((((( I was kinda sad about that, cuz I totally loved that time spent with Masha.... Just us two...even though she was kinda naughty the last 2-3 days =)))) And I loved being mom, doing all the momma things like buying food and making dinner, doing laundry almost every day cuz Masha always got home dirty after kindergarten etc ))))) So.... That was a great experience.... And... I think I'm ready )))))))))))))))))))))))

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Me = Mom. Days 1-4

On Tuesday mom left for a tour across the Scandinavia... So now I have to babysit my 'lil sis for almost 2 weeks and be a sort of mom =))) 
The night after mom's leaving was ok... we just went to bed and stuff.... 

In the morning Day 1 started. 
Masha always falls asleep with someone in the room... holding her hand... When I made sure she fell asleep I went to sleep in my room. In the morning she came to me and we slept for 1.5 hour more.. That was great cuz she put her head on my shoulder, I hugged her and we fell asleep =) (Guess I used the sleep-root-words way too many times ) =)))) 
Then all the daily stuff came... kindergarten, coming back home etc etc.
It all was followed by another night.. falling asleep holding hands and stuff... 
If you don't have a kid yet.... you should know... Falling asleep with your baby is one of the greatest things on earth... Holding this small hand, running fingers through this absolutely soft hair and just watching the kid sleeping.... Oh... I could easily spend a whole night up just not to miss a second of it)))) 

Day 2 and Day 3 were pretty much the same...Except for making some oatmeal cookies on the Day 3 =))) Thought they would suck but they turned out pretty good =))) I don't remember much of the days  already.... But every time I get so surprised how much patience I have now... I remember I used to freak out every time Masha was naughty... Now everything is totally different... I always try to talk to her in a very calm way and we barely have conflicts. And I get surprised how easy we get along... But still sometimes I wish I were as much important for her as mom  =))))) 

Day 4
Decided to stay for the night in same room with her... Found out she kinda snores at night ))))) But that's ok ))) 
I needed to do some stuff in town, so we went there together and on the way back we got to spend some lovely time at a fountain... trying to catch those tiny drops on our faces ))) 
Then we went straight to the country-side to visit grandpa for the lunch... He's really jack-of-all-trades... Recently he took 3 old bicycles and made 1 that actually works just fine )))) So I gave a ride to Masha a few times.... Gosh, when I live my own life I gotta have a bicyle ))) I love it soooo much.... and I miss having it... And it's sooooo good to keep legs in shape )))))))
Well... the day actually ended up with some tears... But only cuz Masha decided to be naughty and I decided to be strict (as mom advised)))))) 
Kinda excited about tomorrow... Cuz we were planning to go to the country-side again.. But this time to visit grandma =))) Hope there will be no rain tomorrow =))))) 

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Today's Little Dance

Today me and Masha got to dance a little )))) She saw the cam was on and she liked to see herself on the screen (that's why she looks at the screen at first)
So here's a video I made of our today dance ))) 

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Family Day - April 30th - In Pictures

On Friday we had our own "Family Day" cuz a year ago our life changed and there appeared Masha in our family and our lives. So we decided it would be a some kind of our family Birthday. And this year it turned 1 )))) 
To celebrate it the whole family (and even more) went to a cafe to get some tea with a cake )))

What a Birthday without blowing a candle? =))

Masha =)))  Looking for a baloon I guess =)) 

I couldn't help teasing masha with a baloon )) 

We also had a bunch of small competitions

Who did it faster??
Doesn't matter.... cuz I won it =)))))) My baloon popped =)))))

So when I took another one people around asked me to leave it =))) Can you see the fear on my grandma's face?? )))))

I let it go only after it got a bit bigger than this... but... it popped soon after that anyway ))) 

Who's faster this time?

The next thing was to put your hand into a small sack.. find a toy there and try to figure what it is without looking at it.. just touching... 

We also made a paper flower and everyone could write a wish to us on its petals so we would read them in a year. 

With Granny ))) She's funny, huh??)) 

Familiar glasses, huh? )) 

Probably the best picture of the night ))))))) If you can't figure why, look at the woman in red )))))))

Ahhh.. just silly me as always ))) 


We're awesome, I know )))) 

I know I've posted way too many pictures )))) But belive me, this is like 1/20 of all the pictures we took that day ))))))) 
We had a really nice time together and it's always great when we get a chance to see the whole family. 
We've been really blessed to have Masha with us this year... She changed everything in our life... With her it became so much better... Now there's much more laugh and happiness... so many more reasons to just smile... We love her sooo much!!!! 

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