Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Family Day - April 30th - In Pictures

On Friday we had our own "Family Day" cuz a year ago our life changed and there appeared Masha in our family and our lives. So we decided it would be a some kind of our family Birthday. And this year it turned 1 )))) 
To celebrate it the whole family (and even more) went to a cafe to get some tea with a cake )))

What a Birthday without blowing a candle? =))

Masha =)))  Looking for a baloon I guess =)) 

I couldn't help teasing masha with a baloon )) 

We also had a bunch of small competitions

Who did it faster??
Doesn't matter.... cuz I won it =)))))) My baloon popped =)))))

So when I took another one people around asked me to leave it =))) Can you see the fear on my grandma's face?? )))))

I let it go only after it got a bit bigger than this... but... it popped soon after that anyway ))) 

Who's faster this time?

The next thing was to put your hand into a small sack.. find a toy there and try to figure what it is without looking at it.. just touching... 

We also made a paper flower and everyone could write a wish to us on its petals so we would read them in a year. 

With Granny ))) She's funny, huh??)) 

Familiar glasses, huh? )) 

Probably the best picture of the night ))))))) If you can't figure why, look at the woman in red )))))))

Ahhh.. just silly me as always ))) 


We're awesome, I know )))) 

I know I've posted way too many pictures )))) But belive me, this is like 1/20 of all the pictures we took that day ))))))) 
We had a really nice time together and it's always great when we get a chance to see the whole family. 
We've been really blessed to have Masha with us this year... She changed everything in our life... With her it became so much better... Now there's much more laugh and happiness... so many more reasons to just smile... We love her sooo much!!!! 


  1. It`s really cool when you spend time with the whole family! I red your article and remembered my family. We all gathere together only in summer because our family is big and its so amazing to be together!
    Congratulations to Masha!

    =) It`s Lena=)

  2. And pics are really cool!

    It`s me. Again=)

  3. Классно, уверен, что было весело! А что за кафешка? Я не узнал, но выглядит мило :) Хотя может это потому, что вы там были :)

  4. What a beautiful family!!!
    Lovely pics!
    Say 'hi' to ur mom from me!


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