Sunday, April 25, 2010

"New Yorker" Commercials

"New Yorker" is a german brand of cloths... and I love it!!! Wish we had one in my town... 
So today I found their YouTube channel and checked their commercials....They are funny!!! Gotta share some of them with you!!!

Sorry for a naked bum in this one ))))))

This one is great!!!

Hahahahaha =)))))))

The first ad of the "New Yorker" I've ever seen ))) Love it!!! )))) 

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dear John

Ok... So on Facebook I meantioned that I would write about this movie in my blog... Well... I guess I gotta do it then ))) I've been wanting to watch it for a long while even though I read the spoliers and knew everything  beforehand. But it's Nicholas Sparks!!!! So I just couldn't help watching it )))) 
I heard that movie kinda sucked... I knew that it would have a lot from "The Notebook" and stuff... But I just watch the movie trying not to think about it and trying to believe it wouldn't suck ... And... it worked )))) I loved the movie ))) 
I know acting sucked.... But the movie itself and its idea reminded me the situation in my life... I mean me and Aaron... We got to spend only 12 days together in the whole, but that was enough to fall in love. And all we had left after he was gone is long long messages and chatting online.
I think that was the main reason why this movie touched me.. Ha.... even though nowadays any romantic movie can touch me ))))))) 
But still... "Dear John" had some nice moments!!! Like they way he held her... She kind of  drowned in his arms..Or the way he loved her... I'm pretty sure nothing would make him stop loving her. 
It's kinda hard to say what I liked about the movie... I think it's just that I saw myself in it and know exactly what they felt from my own experience...

One of my favorite moments

And I really loved the soundtrack... It has a lot of acoustic songs.Here's one of them...

P.S. This movie did make me cry a few times. 

Saturday Titans

Last Saturday was pretty much great... 
It all started with me and my friends taking part in an city-activity. We were invited as "frisbee professionals" in our city ))))) We were to teach others how to play. So there were 4 teams of PR-agents, newspaper workers and a couple of political parties. 
After we taught them how to play they had a small "championship" between them for a cup (which was an old kettle bought years ago) =)))))))
Mass-media was there... so they wrote about us online and looks like they even showed us on TV )))) We just missed it.. But!!! I found a pic online proving that they showed us ))))

You can see me on the right in a black t-shirt =))) 

After that activity I got to spend time with Sashka (my best friend) and Dashka (his fiance). We had a nice time in McDonald's talking and the day ended up with us going to a cinema to see "The Clash of the Titans".

Lots of people thought it totally sucked and were disappointed with the movie. I think that was ok... I like a lot of fights and special effects ))) But I agree with critics that it's a typical American movie about one-person heroism.While watching me and Dasha kept on discussing different moments cuz the movie had a lot of things that reminded lots of other movies ))) 

So far this was another great day with my friends.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Little Swimsuit Model

Hahahaha.. Well... Mom needed to sell this swimsuit online and she was asked to show what it actually looks like but not in a picture from the online shop. I couldn't do it cuz it's too small for me ))) So mom decided masha could do it ))) She totally enjoyed posing and she did everything mom told her to do like "move your leg that way" or "put your hand there" =))))) 

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More Easter Stuff

Some more Easter pics from me =))) 

All of our eggs

Beautiful, huh??

In church Masha could ring this huge bell

On Sunday my girls made 2 fish cakes )))

Masha also made one of her own

Looks amazing

And the result 

Easter ended with a dinner at mom's friends

Easter Preparation

I wasn't in the mood to decorate eggs this year... but mom and Masha did a great job =))



Sunday, April 4, 2010

Gotta Watch

Loved the cast... not the accent though =))) 

Oh... I can't miss a movie with Ashton =)))))

Love Love Love it!!!!

TOTALLY LOVE the cast!!! ))))) (Except Jessica Beil but I'll get over it =)))) )

Well... I read the spoilers and I know what it'll end with and all the stuff.... It's a lot like "The Notebook" with a few ideas from "A Walk To Remember"... But no matter what I still want to see it!!!! Any movie based on a Nicholas Sparks' book is destined to be awesome =)))) 

Mmmm... Not bad...

Read about this movie looooooong ago when the script wasn't even written... Never knew it was shot already.... The story is written by Nicholas Sparks specially for Miley Cyrus (I don't like her at all) to play the main role. So as I mentioned before.... Nicholas Sparks = Awesome =)))))) 

The Gun Seller

Yup... As you can see the author is Hugh Laurie (most known as just House) =)))) 


I started watching "House" just recently and found out that it's really awesome!!! As a character House is of genious!!! Then I watched some interviews with Hugh Laurie himself and realised that his personality is as genious as House's =))) I also found out that in the UK he's most known not as an actor but as a book- and script-writer. So I found his book The Gun Seller online and now I'm totally enjoying reading it!!! =))) The language is pretty simple but it has a lot of different ironic comments that make the book absorb you =))) Let me share a few of my favorite ones for now:

- I think I'd known she was going to be American before she opened her mouth. Too healthy to be anything else. And where do they get those teeth? 

- "Look," I said, "I haven't been entirely straight with you." She turned towards me and narrowed her eyes. If you know what I mean by that. Narrowed them horizontally, not vertically. I suppose one should say shortened her eyes, but nobody ever does.

-She just played with it slowly, and then pointed a pair of grey eyes at me. I say a pair. I mean her pair. She didn't get a pair of someone else's out from a drawer and point them at me. She pointed her own pair of huge, pale, grey, pale, huge eyes at me. The sort of eyes that can make a grown man talk gibberish to himself.

- This was the tricky bit. The really tricky bit. Trickness cubed.

- She stopped breathing. I mean, she actually stopped breathing. And didn't look as if she had any plans to start again in the near future. 

- One of the crassest, most ridiculous remarks I've ever made, in a long, ridiculous-remark-packed life.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Movies Movies Movies

So it's been a while since I last shared my opinion about movies I recently watched.. And I won't do it anymore )))) I'll just share with you movies that are worth watching  =))) 
So here's my short list for you!! 

Forever Strong

Watched it a long while ago... It reminded me Never Back Down. Pretty much same idea. But still worth watching... And Sean Faris is hot as always )))))))))

Tooth Fairy

He he he.. Totally enjoyed watching it =))) A great family comedy!!! And it has Julie Andrews in it!!! She's amazing!!! And looks gorgeous in her almost 75!!! When I get old I wanna look like her for sure!!!


The Blind Side

Couldn't help adding this movie to my list!!! Very touching!!

The Bucket List

A movie about 2 men with cancer enjoying the last months of their life... Cried in the end =((( Morgan Freeman is awesome!!! One of the best actors of all times!!! 

Julie & Julia

LOVED it!!! Very very inspiring to all the girls!!! )))))) Makes you wanna cook and cook and become a master of cooking!!! =)))))))) 

Ok.... So that's all for today!! Hope you'll watch the movies and enjoy them =)

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