Sunday, April 18, 2010

Saturday Titans

Last Saturday was pretty much great... 
It all started with me and my friends taking part in an city-activity. We were invited as "frisbee professionals" in our city ))))) We were to teach others how to play. So there were 4 teams of PR-agents, newspaper workers and a couple of political parties. 
After we taught them how to play they had a small "championship" between them for a cup (which was an old kettle bought years ago) =)))))))
Mass-media was there... so they wrote about us online and looks like they even showed us on TV )))) We just missed it.. But!!! I found a pic online proving that they showed us ))))

You can see me on the right in a black t-shirt =))) 

After that activity I got to spend time with Sashka (my best friend) and Dashka (his fiance). We had a nice time in McDonald's talking and the day ended up with us going to a cinema to see "The Clash of the Titans".

Lots of people thought it totally sucked and were disappointed with the movie. I think that was ok... I like a lot of fights and special effects ))) But I agree with critics that it's a typical American movie about one-person heroism.While watching me and Dasha kept on discussing different moments cuz the movie had a lot of things that reminded lots of other movies ))) 

So far this was another great day with my friends.

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