Saturday, April 3, 2010

Movies Movies Movies

So it's been a while since I last shared my opinion about movies I recently watched.. And I won't do it anymore )))) I'll just share with you movies that are worth watching  =))) 
So here's my short list for you!! 

Forever Strong

Watched it a long while ago... It reminded me Never Back Down. Pretty much same idea. But still worth watching... And Sean Faris is hot as always )))))))))

Tooth Fairy

He he he.. Totally enjoyed watching it =))) A great family comedy!!! And it has Julie Andrews in it!!! She's amazing!!! And looks gorgeous in her almost 75!!! When I get old I wanna look like her for sure!!!


The Blind Side

Couldn't help adding this movie to my list!!! Very touching!!

The Bucket List

A movie about 2 men with cancer enjoying the last months of their life... Cried in the end =((( Morgan Freeman is awesome!!! One of the best actors of all times!!! 

Julie & Julia

LOVED it!!! Very very inspiring to all the girls!!! )))))) Makes you wanna cook and cook and become a master of cooking!!! =)))))))) 

Ok.... So that's all for today!! Hope you'll watch the movies and enjoy them =)

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