Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dear John

Ok... So on Facebook I meantioned that I would write about this movie in my blog... Well... I guess I gotta do it then ))) I've been wanting to watch it for a long while even though I read the spoliers and knew everything  beforehand. But it's Nicholas Sparks!!!! So I just couldn't help watching it )))) 
I heard that movie kinda sucked... I knew that it would have a lot from "The Notebook" and stuff... But I just watch the movie trying not to think about it and trying to believe it wouldn't suck ... And... it worked )))) I loved the movie ))) 
I know acting sucked.... But the movie itself and its idea reminded me the situation in my life... I mean me and Aaron... We got to spend only 12 days together in the whole, but that was enough to fall in love. And all we had left after he was gone is long long messages and chatting online.
I think that was the main reason why this movie touched me.. Ha.... even though nowadays any romantic movie can touch me ))))))) 
But still... "Dear John" had some nice moments!!! Like they way he held her... She kind of  drowned in his arms..Or the way he loved her... I'm pretty sure nothing would make him stop loving her. 
It's kinda hard to say what I liked about the movie... I think it's just that I saw myself in it and know exactly what they felt from my own experience...

One of my favorite moments

And I really loved the soundtrack... It has a lot of acoustic songs.Here's one of them...

P.S. This movie did make me cry a few times. 

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  1. Ah, I love the soundtrack too!! I'm glad you liked it. We want to see it


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