Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Gun Seller

Yup... As you can see the author is Hugh Laurie (most known as just House) =)))) 


I started watching "House" just recently and found out that it's really awesome!!! As a character House is of genious!!! Then I watched some interviews with Hugh Laurie himself and realised that his personality is as genious as House's =))) I also found out that in the UK he's most known not as an actor but as a book- and script-writer. So I found his book The Gun Seller online and now I'm totally enjoying reading it!!! =))) The language is pretty simple but it has a lot of different ironic comments that make the book absorb you =))) Let me share a few of my favorite ones for now:

- I think I'd known she was going to be American before she opened her mouth. Too healthy to be anything else. And where do they get those teeth? 

- "Look," I said, "I haven't been entirely straight with you." She turned towards me and narrowed her eyes. If you know what I mean by that. Narrowed them horizontally, not vertically. I suppose one should say shortened her eyes, but nobody ever does.

-She just played with it slowly, and then pointed a pair of grey eyes at me. I say a pair. I mean her pair. She didn't get a pair of someone else's out from a drawer and point them at me. She pointed her own pair of huge, pale, grey, pale, huge eyes at me. The sort of eyes that can make a grown man talk gibberish to himself.

- This was the tricky bit. The really tricky bit. Trickness cubed.

- She stopped breathing. I mean, she actually stopped breathing. And didn't look as if she had any plans to start again in the near future. 

- One of the crassest, most ridiculous remarks I've ever made, in a long, ridiculous-remark-packed life.

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