Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I get addicted to stuff like that

Isn't it adorable??? When I'm at work I sometimes watch random BBC short videos about nature.... Moreover I downloaded at least 2 shows like National Geographic or smth like that about animals and nature.... I feel like I'm going crazy... But I just can't help it.... It's always so interesting and breathtaking =)))) And adooooorable =))))  

The Lazy Song

The video is super stupid... But I love the song.... This is like my every-day-hymn =))))) I sing the line "Today I don't feel like doing anything... I just wanna lay in my bed" every day before going to work =))))) 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A little bit of fun before going to bed

Hey there people...
I'm going to bed now but I want to share some funny pics with you =)))) Just to make you smile or maybe make a day better for someone =)))

LOVE this one =)))

That's all for today.... Have a good night guys!!! Or have a nice day some of you =))) 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Seeing Ma Girls =))

A while ago I went home for my university group meeting. Even though only half of the girls came we still had a lovely time together talking and catching up on things happening in our lifes.

Glasses.....                                                  No glasses =))))) 

Two Mashas =))))

Kate was showing us what they showed on TV just recently about circumcision
And here's the original =)

Crazy huh?? =))) 

Me and Liz 

That was great to see the girls that I had spent almost every day with for 5 years... We had lots of fun together... We always fought for our interests together and even skipped english classes all together =)))) Now school is over but I really hope that we'll still see each other every once in a while and have a lovely time together... 

Thursday, April 21, 2011


To be honest when I just started reading it I wanted to just stop and never finish it... But... I told myself that if I started I'll finish it no matter what =)))) 
I longed to buy a book by Stephen Fry cuz I heard that his style is very much like Hugh Laurie's. So I bought this one cuz it was thick and I couldn't wait to start =)))))
But... during the first half of the book I was surprisingly disappointed...It seemed to me so boring and didn't make any sense.... But then.... I got into it and it got much more interesting cuz I wanted to know the secret the book was hiding... 
And yay!!! I finally finished it.... 
Well.... What can I say??? If you're brave... you can try and read it...But be ready cuz this book is mostly for pretty dirty and perverted people =)))))) 
It has some scenes that made my mouth drop open in surprise cuz I'm just not that dirty =)))) 
Now I have doubts whether I want to read other books by this author.... I really wonder what they are like cuz there are tons of people that adore Stephen Fry and everything he does... But I'm kinda afraid of what he might write =)))) 
Ever read any book by him??? Liked it??? What do you think???

Woot Woot!!!!! New SP video is out!!!!

For a song called "Can't Keep My Hands Off You"...
LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!!!! Can't wait for a new single "Jet Lag" that's coming out next monday and a new album coming out in June!!! Wooooohhhooooo!!!
Ok.... Here's the video.... What do you think???? 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Late Movie Monday - Dance/Music Movies

I'm sorry I didn't have a chance to post anything yesteray so I thought it's better late than never =))) 
This post is about dance/music movies =))) 
Are they as inspiring to you as they are to me??? 
I can't get enough of these movies in my life... Whenever I watch them I get soooooooo inspired.... I wanna start taking dance classes.. and street dance would be my choice.... I wanna do it sooooo bad!!! Maybe in summer when Aaron is gone and I'll have more time on my days off =)))
Wanna know about dance/music movies I recently watched??? Here they are:

Step Up is usually the movie that inspires me most to start taking street dance classes =))))) Ok.... I'll just show one of my favorite dances =))) 

To see more... the  battles and stuff - watch the movie =))))

This movie is about discovering and developing your talents.... and sometimes hidden talents... 
Here's a trailer:

This is a British version of Step Up plus ballet =)))) Still liked it, though the dances are not as good as in Step Up. 

Ok.... and the last one for today

I LOVED it.... It's so nice =)))... Most of all I loved how slim and natural Christina looks in it... 
Plus Cam Gigandet didn't play a role of a bad vampire here... or of a bad a$$ student.... I finally got to see him as a positive character =)))) And it was good 

Oh.... And this man

He's always so perfect for all the roles he plays.... I was just a bit surprised in this movie... I won't tell you why for now =)) 
And the last thing about this movie that made me watch it is Kristen Bell

Another surprise of the movie cuz she was such a negative character.... 

Does this kind of movies inspire you to smth bigger??? To following your dream and a wish to change smth about your life?? Well... they always do this to me.... I just never change a thing =)))))

Thursday, April 7, 2011

These Cute Animals

Pictures of animals always tend to make me smile, so I've decided that I better share it with you for them to make you smile too =))) 



Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Dogboarding from DANIELS on Vimeo.

You may think I'm a retard but at first I honestly didn't get what's going on.... I was like... "What the??.... Did they just tie dogs to their skateboards??? O_o" =)))) But then I saw fake paws and figured it out..... But admit... Looks natural!!! =)))))) Incredible work!!! =)))

Alexander With

Ever heard of him??? I came across his music recently and loved what I heard!!! 
I listened to all the songs I could  find and here are my favorite!!! 

This one is my most favorite of him.... what a voice!!! Love it!!!

So.... How do you like him??? =)))

Monday, April 4, 2011

Movie Monday

Hey there everyone... I've realized that there are tons of movies that I didn't tell you about.. I'm sorry I'm not in the best mood right now...But I promised myself that I'm gonna keep this monday tradition so I'll just say a few lines on each of the movies... 

Not impressed at all.... But one positive thing about this movie - STYLISH!!! And I mean really stylish.... Handsome guys in fine suits.... Looks amazing.... All the rest is not so worth watching.... =))))

Great great great!!!! As all of the movies about animals..... We all know that even your pet is a totall mess you still love it no matter what.... And that's what the movie is about... Plus movies about animals are always a good reason to cry rivers... or at least shed a few tears =)))))So if you're gonna watch it keep some handkerchiefs with you =)))) 

Is there anyone here who has never been in a distance relationship???? If yes - watch and see what it's like.... All the rest.... We know what it's like, huh??? So we just watch it and see ourselves in most of the situations... 
I really wonder what it was like for Drew Barrymore and Justin Long to be in this movie together cuz everyone knows they used to be a couple...

Nothing..... absolutely nothing..... 

Christopher Gorham is such a cutie =)))) This movie is not a masterpiece... Just a sweet romantic movie with pretty much only 3 persons in the cast... All about the main characters and making a choice... 

Loved it!!! It's like a "Christmas Carol" but about girlfriends =))))) Funny and romantic =))

Ok..... that's pretty much it for today... I'll leave all the other movie I watched recently for the next monday =))) 
Have a nice week!!! 

Friday, April 1, 2011

Blog Upgrade

The time for a change came and I finnally changed something about my blog... How do you like a new header?? =)) 
Also you can see that the name of my blog changed...
Why this one??? Well.... these last months I thought alot about my life and what I'm lacking.... And it's one simple thing that is so hard to find sometimes.... Inspiration.... I long for that!!! There are soooo many things that I wanna do but just don't have a chance yet ((((( 
Soooo.... here's a new view of the blog.... Also working on some ideas and a big project to start and make it even better =))) 
Hope to see lots of people here with time =))) 

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