Thursday, April 21, 2011


To be honest when I just started reading it I wanted to just stop and never finish it... But... I told myself that if I started I'll finish it no matter what =)))) 
I longed to buy a book by Stephen Fry cuz I heard that his style is very much like Hugh Laurie's. So I bought this one cuz it was thick and I couldn't wait to start =)))))
But... during the first half of the book I was surprisingly disappointed...It seemed to me so boring and didn't make any sense.... But then.... I got into it and it got much more interesting cuz I wanted to know the secret the book was hiding... 
And yay!!! I finally finished it.... 
Well.... What can I say??? If you're brave... you can try and read it...But be ready cuz this book is mostly for pretty dirty and perverted people =)))))) 
It has some scenes that made my mouth drop open in surprise cuz I'm just not that dirty =)))) 
Now I have doubts whether I want to read other books by this author.... I really wonder what they are like cuz there are tons of people that adore Stephen Fry and everything he does... But I'm kinda afraid of what he might write =)))) 
Ever read any book by him??? Liked it??? What do you think???

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  1. I had the same feeling.. some parts of the book was really different from what I usually read!!


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