Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Is It Really Me??? =)

So my mom has a friend who's addicted to photoshopping things. So mom sent her a few pics of mine to be photoshopped and that's what it turned into... Do you recognize me in these pics?? =)))) 

This one is kinda horrible, huh? =)))

With mom

Most of them are super weird and ugly.... But some are really good.... it was cool to see myself in so many different styles =))) 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Back to September - Best Friend's Wedding - Part 3 - Reception

I didn't catch it ((((( 

This was super funny =)))) 

The End

It feels kinda weird that another friend of mine got married...Especially now when it's Liza... This girl has been my best friend for the last 5 years.... We spent every day shoulder to shoulder.... Calling her every day... Sharing my secrets and deepest thoughts... Now it feels so weird that I can't even call her since we're in different cities.. And I miss her so bad!!! I really wish we could have more time together.... But I guess I have no other chance but letting her take this road and joind the "married life"... And no matter what she's still my 'lil one.... my best friend.... 

Back to September - Best Friend's Wedding - Part 2 - Burst From The Past + Museum

After the official part was over we went to a huge museum that was a fortress or smth and there 10 of us tried ancient Russian dresses on =)))) It was funny =))))

I'm awesome.. I know =)))) 


Back to September - Best Friend's Wedding - Part 1

On the 11th of September my best friend Liza got married. It was a big wedding with about 60 guests at the reception. Just about a week ago I finally got the professional wedding pictures. Here are my favorite =))))) (Since it's my best friend there will be lots of pics) 


The pre-wedding ceremony (when a groom comes to get his bride) was in Greek style. We all were different Greek goddesses ( Do I say it so?? Goddesses?? Sounds weird =)))) )

Yaaaaaaay!!! =)))) 

The end of the first part =))) 
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