Saturday, July 23, 2011

Wanna See Ryan McPartlin Shirtless???? =)))))

Ok.... I gotta tell my Mr.A I'm sorry for this post, but I just can't help sharing these photos with all of the ladies out there that check my blog =)))))))))))
Ryan McPartlin is one of those actors that are famous not only for their roles but also for their bodies =))))) 
And a photoshoot I came across today is here for you =))))

So how did you like it??? =)))) I gotta admit that I actually loved pics of him dressed more =)))) Like 1st one, close-up view and the last pic. Probably cuz 1st one is stylish and the last 2 show emotions...Oh and by the way...the pic of him shirtless with a grey coat on his shoulders....Am I the only one who imagines him in the role of Edward from the Twilight??? And that with him and some other girl the Twilight would be much better?? =))))))))))))
Ok everyone... I promise to keep you updated with some more great shoots of other clebrities =))))

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  1. You might be interested in this: Ryan McPartlin (Captain Awesome) spoke to Mr. Media this week about his first starring role in a movie, "Game Time," and discussed his feelings about the fifth and final season of "Chuck," hinting that Morgan may not be the Intersect for the entire season! Listen here:


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