Sunday, June 13, 2010

Grandpa's Birthday

Just got back from grandpa's. We got to celebrate his Birthday and as it happens every year on this day the whole family came!! =))) So as always it was nice to see them all. I should be studying for my final right now but I'll post some of today's pictures cuz otherwise I'll forget to do it later =)))

Grandpa.... He turned 63 today

Maaaashaaa!!!! Watch out!!!! =)))

Girls got to play the ball with granny =)) 


This is my Orthodox Godmother =)))) I used to spend lot of time with her when she was a teen and I was still a liiiiiil girl =))) now I got to see her once a year or even more rarely



Soooo..... Not many words.... Just the pictures today.... I think they can tell you much more about today than just words =)))) I know... almost no me in the pictures at all... But that's only cuz I'm almost always the one taking them =))))) 

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Valentine's Day

Ok.... So if you haven't seen it yet.... you MUST watch it =))))))))) Here's the trailer again:

I finally got to see it the other and and it's TOTALLY awesome!!!! I watched the whole movie with a HUGE smile on my face and got to laugh a lot!!!! I read some comments on the movie and someone said that it's a one-time-movie... NOT TRUE!!! Every day I tell myself that I gotta watch it again =)))) 
And the cast is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!! =))))) 
One of the things that made me happy about the movie also is that Jessica Biel is playing a role of a woman that no man is crazy about!!!! =))))))))))))) That was a sort of relief and joy to see her eating chocolates saying how lonely she is =)))))))) I just really don't get why men like her so much =)))))))))))
Ok.... Let me share a few pics from the movie =)))

Hahaha... This was a great moment =))) 

When I saw this man (Hector Elizondo) in the movie I was like "Aaaaawwww".... He's great!!

Bradley Cooper is going to surprise you =))))

Ashton did a great job =)

This is Emma Roberts - Julia Roberts' niece. Nice role and loved her hair =)))

This couple will give you a lesson to learn and Anne Hathaway will give you much of laughter =))

Taylor Swift had a very stupid role but that was funny and she did great playing it =)))

Jessica Biel almost in despair.... Oh.... what a joy =)))) 

But I gotta say this movie also made me shed a few tears =)))) Anyway... This movie is one of the best ones I've seen in a long while =))) 

Friday, June 11, 2010


I have been super busy these days... well... not that SUPER busy... but still had no time for blogging at all... But... A couple of weeks ago we finnaly went to a Zoo =))) It was built a few years ago but we never got a chance to go and see everything =)))) So now when Masha is old enough to remember animals... we made it there =))))) 

Those little baby-swans were sooo super cute!!

Watching a bear... That's funny cuz the sign says "Attention! Dangerous voltage! Keep Out! =)))))

Giving some cookies from the ground =)

Hehehehe... Love this one =)) 

This was one of the cutest things I've ever seen =)))) 

Mom TOTALLY HATES stuff like this =)))) She gets TERRIFIED and yells when she sees anything like this =)))) So she stayed like 2 meters away from the glass box of cockroaches =)))) 

Whenever I see these ones there's always a clear image in my head... It's... a man taking one of them and biting it... so it bursts and all the white guts splash up =))))))))) I'm horrible I know =)))))

That day I was in  a horrible mood and refused to go.... But mom made me .. and now I don't regret it cuz we spent a lovely time in the zoo =))) 

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