Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A New Way Of Taking Pictures...

...without even looking =))))) 

Новый способ фотографировать.... 
...просто не глядя =)))

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Wrap My Arms

Yaaaay!!! Yesterday Brian McFadden (those who have been reading my blog for a while, know that I love his music) released a new video... 

How do you like it?
Loved the video... the song... the lyrics...  And Brian only looks better with age....I seriously love it how he changed for the last couple years... He looks much older and still neat and happy.. You can see the age from the wrinkles on his face but still it feels like he's full of life... He's no longer that teenager I first saw him... he's no longer that long haired guy he was for quite a long time like in this video:

Oh and by the way... Talking about Brian being happy =)))) He's engaged now to the girl in the first video. 

*Еееееей!!! Brian McFadden (а те,кто уже какое-то время читают мой блог, знают, что я люблю его музыку) выпустил новый клип (1-е видео)... Как он вам?? По-моему отличный клип....песня... слова... А с годами Брашка (так мы его с подругой всегда называли) выглядит все лучше и лучше... За последние пару лет он очень изменился, но только в лучшую сторону.... Он теперь уже выглядит намного старше, но в то же очень аккуратно..На лице появились морщинки, но видно, что он полон жизни...и как же приятно видеть его счастливым...Он уже не тот подросток, каким я его помню.... И он уже не тот волосатый чувак, как во втором видео (А в таком образе он проходил довольно долго).... О и, кстати, по поводу счастья Брашки... Около недели назад он объявил о своей помолвке... А невеста его - девушка из первого видео.

Friday, January 20, 2012


Ok...Here comes a big change... Or maybe not so big... But from now on I'm gonna try and make my posts in both English and Russian languages... I know, it's gonna take like forever for only one post but I'll try and then we'll see =)))) What do you think?? Good??? Bad??? =)))

*Итак....Вот и пришли большие изменения... А может не такие уж и большие... С сегодняшнего дня я начинаю вести блог на Английском и Русском языках... Знаю... теперь только на один пост будет уходить целая вечность, но попробую, и посмотрим, что из этого выйдет =)
Что скажете??? =)

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Late New Year Post =)

Yup... I'm always late with posts =)))) But I'll try to be better at blogging this year =)))) One of my Resolution points (that I'm actually still trying to figure in my head) =))))
Anyway, how was your New Year's Eve?? Did you celebrate or went to bed without even waiting for the midnight??? Did you spend this time with friends or family??? Or maybe both?? =)
We stayed up till like 9:30 am and got up at about 11:30 am =))))))))))))) But that was worth it!!!
I'm sure most of you saw pictures from out celebration on my Facebook page, but here are my favorite pictures from that day!
At midnight we wrote our wishes on pieces of paper, burnt them and put into our drinks...and then actually drank them =))) The first time I've done anything like that =)

Played Blip-Blop game or whatever that's called =))


It took her a few minutes to actually open this "Huge Hershey's Kiss" and find out what was inside... Guess what it was!!!

Just me =)

Well... What can I say? A. hates being in pictures

Here comes the morning =)))

Isn't she a cutie?? =))

After all this fun in the snow it was time to go home =((( 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Late Christmas Post

Hey there, everyone!!!
I see you all had a wonderful Christmas=)))))
Well.... I didn't lag behind and had the most wonderful Christmas ever =))))
It all started on the 24th of December when I begged my Mr.A to open presents before midnight and he just wouldn't let me... So I had to wait till morning...
In the morning the greatest gifts ever were waiting for me.... And then in the evening we headed to a town called Zelenograd (or just Z-grad) to Celebrate Christmas with friends.We had lot of fun eating some tasty food and playing games. I'm sure you can see that from the pictures below =)))

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