Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Late New Year Post =)

Yup... I'm always late with posts =)))) But I'll try to be better at blogging this year =)))) One of my Resolution points (that I'm actually still trying to figure in my head) =))))
Anyway, how was your New Year's Eve?? Did you celebrate or went to bed without even waiting for the midnight??? Did you spend this time with friends or family??? Or maybe both?? =)
We stayed up till like 9:30 am and got up at about 11:30 am =))))))))))))) But that was worth it!!!
I'm sure most of you saw pictures from out celebration on my Facebook page, but here are my favorite pictures from that day!
At midnight we wrote our wishes on pieces of paper, burnt them and put into our drinks...and then actually drank them =))) The first time I've done anything like that =)

Played Blip-Blop game or whatever that's called =))


It took her a few minutes to actually open this "Huge Hershey's Kiss" and find out what was inside... Guess what it was!!!

Just me =)

Well... What can I say? A. hates being in pictures

Here comes the morning =)))

Isn't she a cutie?? =))

After all this fun in the snow it was time to go home =((( 

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  1. Love this Pics , Natasha!!!so much Fun! Hope it is not our last party!! this year isgoing to be fuuuuun!


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