Monday, October 26, 2009

New Calling

So I got a new calling in Church. Now I gotta organize all the Branch activities...Uuuuffff.... Every week something different... That's gonna be tough but I'll try to =)
So this saturday was my "debut" ))) We had a youth activity.And as nobody really was invited and nobody really knew I didn't expect many people would come.. I thought there would be like 5 of us and we would have "a small VIP party" )))))) So I didn't buy much refreshments... And didn't really plan anything =)))
But ... to my surprise people just kept on coming... Even people from Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod came... Wow... So in the end there were 16 of us!!! I was so shocked and i didn't know what to do cuz I didn't plan on anything!!! ))) But luckily there were a few people who wanted to play Mafia... So we played it 3 times in a row =)))
That night actually turned out well.. we had a lot of laughter.. and looks like everyone had fun =)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I Totally Love My 'Lil Sis!!!

Oh, my 'lil sis... She's awesome!!!!! I know, I get mad sometimes when she's naughty and stuff..But still, these days, I notice more and more how much I love her ))) And feeling kid's love in return is an unbelievably beautiful feeling!!! She always gives us a thousand kisses and hugs.....oh, gosh!!! This is always soooo great!!!
When this girl came into our life she changed it!!! Now she's our little sunchine!!! It's soooo great to have so much laugh in our house!! She can be soooo funny sometimes...Everything she says...Everything she does!!! )))
And the more I look at her, the more I see things in common we have ))))
Like, she always runs into something (corners, door-posts and stuff)... Ha...I just can't help passing a door-post or a table without hitting against it =))))
We say "What?" totally the same way!!! We laughed really hard today when she said it exactly like I usually do!!
We actually have much more in common ... I should better make a list one day to remember )))

Something changed in me these days... I noticed that I can watch this girl forever with that tender look in my eyes that a woman adoring her kid usually has!!! When I see her sleeping I just can't keep myself from kissing her forehead!! =)) I guess that so-called "Mother instinct" is awakening in me!! =)))

While grandma didn't see Masha she decided to cut her bangs a bit =))))) It looks much better now though ))) Mom got really mad when she saw it and even started crying... But She's a kid!!! Isn't it just funny )))))))

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Ha ha ha...Gosh!!!! This movie is sooo cheesy!!!!
There were moments when I just laughed out loud =)))))) Really, I have noooo idea why people are so crazy about this movie!!! And Robert Pattinson... handsome??? Not at all!!! At least for me!!!
Ok.. While watching this movie I decided to make a list of moments that just killed me!! =)))

- When Edward was about to puke seeing Bella in the class... and then just stared at her.
- Really, I don't get why they put sooo much lipstick on his lips.... Well... at least it shouldn't have been nacreous... Sick!!
- Edward: I can read every mind in this room, apart from yours...Just money, sex, money,
- Edward: A lion fell in love with a lamb
Bella: What a stupid lamb

The ONLY moment in the movie I liked is when Edward put Bella on his feet to dance.

2 more things I liked: Edward's sunglasses =)))) and the soundtrack.. Except Linkin Park's song "Leave Out All The Rest" in the very end of the movie... Even though I really love this song it just didn't fit at all.

And the last thing.... Edward or Jacob???? Definitely Jacob!! ))))))

Oh.. And that guy who played the role of James... Cam Gigndet... He looks so much better with no make-up )))

It's already the second movie I see him in where he plays a role of such a jerk!!!! ))))) But he does it really good!! =))

Saturday, October 10, 2009


It's been a couple days since I watched this movie... And wow... I'm really impressed! I don't know why... There's something in it!!!
I know that some of my friends would judge me for even watching it, but... too late, I've already watched it!! )))
This movie is kind of a manual for young Hollywood lovelaces... But have a look what this life may turn out to be in the end!!!

Here are a few brief thoughts about the movie:

- I didn't like what Ashton wore in this movie.. These short jeans...ugly boots...
- In the first half of the movie there are a lot of sex scenes... And even though they all lasted for just a few seconds, I had to turn away every time cuz they were a bit disgusting...

Ha.. well those 2 are the only facts I didn't really like.. But the movie is still cool cuz:

- Ashton's walk is so funny in the movie =)))
- In some way it shows true men's friendship
- The Hollywood view from the hills is soooo beautiful!!!
- Nikki (Ashton's character) just uses rich girls for having a place to live and eat.. cuz he has nothing at all.. no money, no home... nothing... And this movie shows the truth of this kind of life...When you have nothing and noone to really value. Well.. He has always wanted to live this way, cuz he knew that he's cute and popular among girls and stuff...
- But everything changes when he meets HER!!! Heather.. By the way.. the actress that plays this role looks sooo much like Jessica Alba =)) Oh, and she's actually Russian ))) She's really cool!!!
- Really, if you're a guy!!! Nikki can teach you how to charm ANY girl ))) even an old police woman )))))
- When you've never valued anyone... you life totally changes when true feeling come
- I didn't expect how thing will turn out in the end at all!!!! Actually in the very ends I kept on wondering...So what's now??? What's gonna be then??
- "If the problem is in the ring, the ring is not a problem"... I don't know why but this phrase struck me!!! Here the engagement ring was meant. In Russia we don't really have this tradition of giving a ring when became popular just within the last few years... And there's a tradition that it should be a rock ring, mostly of white gold and stuff.... But... that doesn't matter at all what metal the ring is made of... or if it has glass instead of diamond...The feelings and the wish to be with a person are much more important!!!
- I think it's really cool that Nikki decided to change his life for the one he loved... A very brave decision he made!!!
-Heather shouldn't have done that!!! (In the very end) =(((

Well... It's really hard for me to put things together and formulate all of my thoughts in one post...All I can say is... I was really impressed by this movie!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

One More YouTube Guy

This guy's name is Matt Koval...He also has some funny videos I love.
He's making series of videos about a family - the Fuplers!!! They are awesome!!! And the Lindsey girl is.... sooo awesome!!! ))))
So here are a few videos from this guy:

The Fuplers: Thcrabble

The Fuplers: Graythe

How to Talk to Women

Wanna Laugh???

So ok... There's this guy on YouTube - Daniel Gardner...I came across his account loooong ago... But he has these videos that I still love to watch )))) So I just decided to share them with you!!!

Here we go!!!
The first one is Lil' Red Riding Hood...I totally love this video!!! This is soooo awesome!!!! ))) It always makes me laugh ))))

The second one is My Twin Sister

And the third one is not that funny... But I'll still put it here ))
Just brothers having fun


Monday, October 5, 2009

The Proposal

Watched this movie just today... Actually have been planning on it since it was on in cinema...
Well... What can I say.. I'd give this movie 8 of 10... Not too many jokes or funny moments, but still you watch it in one go.
For those who hate Sandra Bullock... You probably won't like her in this movie as well, cuz this role is pretty much typical for her...

Well.... the conclusions I came to after watching this movie:
1) Hhhhmmm... A line from a song would describe it best:

They judge, by the way we look
The cover's not quite like the book
We're just, so misunderstood....

I think it's kinda true.... Cuz sometimes we judge only by some factors about other people but when it comes to getting to know them better we realize that we were so wrong about them!!

2) If you need to get married really bad.... Do it for love ))))))) Don't ever make a deal )))))

Not sure I can think of the 3rd point ))))

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pizza Time!!!

So yesterday night I went out with friends to have some pizza!!! It was pretty cool to see all of them together!! And I was really surprised to see my best friend there... cuz he moved to Moscow about a month ago... But this time... all of my besties were there )))
Me and Sashka took a huge pizza for two of us ))))

Pretty big, huh?? ))))

But to tell the truth, I tried a small piece of Shondra's pizza and ejoyed it much more then the half of my one )))

Mmmmm... It was one with shrimps and pineapples... Gotta take it the next time I go to that place again ))))

Poor Vanya.... He had to just sit there hoping someone would share a piece of pizza with him cuz he had no money to buy one... But in the end generous Dima came and shared a piece of his cold (by that time) pizza with Vanya )))))

After everyone was done with pizza Kristina joined us!!! Poor thing... they didn't have anything she wanted to order ))))) Though you can't say she was upset looking at this picture...

After a year in America she know how to look happy in pictures )))))))))

I actually totally loved the end of that night, cuz me and Kristina had a chance to talk all the way back home... Just like in old times... I missed it!!!

So here are some more pictures from that day:

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Delta Goodrem - Woman

This song is just awesome!!!!! It's sooooo true!!!! This song always
gives me soooo many emotions!!! And it always gives me chills
whenever I listen to it!!
Everything in this song is what I never wanna have.... And oh man.... There are so many women who feel the way the song treats... I feel so sorry for them ((((
And there are so many men that don't appreciate what their
wifes/girlfriends...women do for them... And that's one of the worst
things in the world... Cuz I've seen it in my life...

So girls... I really hope you'll never feel anything like that!!
Guys.... Don't ever let your girls feel it!!!

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