Monday, October 5, 2009

The Proposal

Watched this movie just today... Actually have been planning on it since it was on in cinema...
Well... What can I say.. I'd give this movie 8 of 10... Not too many jokes or funny moments, but still you watch it in one go.
For those who hate Sandra Bullock... You probably won't like her in this movie as well, cuz this role is pretty much typical for her...

Well.... the conclusions I came to after watching this movie:
1) Hhhhmmm... A line from a song would describe it best:

They judge, by the way we look
The cover's not quite like the book
We're just, so misunderstood....

I think it's kinda true.... Cuz sometimes we judge only by some factors about other people but when it comes to getting to know them better we realize that we were so wrong about them!!

2) If you need to get married really bad.... Do it for love ))))))) Don't ever make a deal )))))

Not sure I can think of the 3rd point ))))

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