Saturday, October 17, 2009


Ha ha ha...Gosh!!!! This movie is sooo cheesy!!!!
There were moments when I just laughed out loud =)))))) Really, I have noooo idea why people are so crazy about this movie!!! And Robert Pattinson... handsome??? Not at all!!! At least for me!!!
Ok.. While watching this movie I decided to make a list of moments that just killed me!! =)))

- When Edward was about to puke seeing Bella in the class... and then just stared at her.
- Really, I don't get why they put sooo much lipstick on his lips.... Well... at least it shouldn't have been nacreous... Sick!!
- Edward: I can read every mind in this room, apart from yours...Just money, sex, money,
- Edward: A lion fell in love with a lamb
Bella: What a stupid lamb

The ONLY moment in the movie I liked is when Edward put Bella on his feet to dance.

2 more things I liked: Edward's sunglasses =)))) and the soundtrack.. Except Linkin Park's song "Leave Out All The Rest" in the very end of the movie... Even though I really love this song it just didn't fit at all.

And the last thing.... Edward or Jacob???? Definitely Jacob!! ))))))

Oh.. And that guy who played the role of James... Cam Gigndet... He looks so much better with no make-up )))

It's already the second movie I see him in where he plays a role of such a jerk!!!! ))))) But he does it really good!! =))

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