Saturday, October 10, 2009


It's been a couple days since I watched this movie... And wow... I'm really impressed! I don't know why... There's something in it!!!
I know that some of my friends would judge me for even watching it, but... too late, I've already watched it!! )))
This movie is kind of a manual for young Hollywood lovelaces... But have a look what this life may turn out to be in the end!!!

Here are a few brief thoughts about the movie:

- I didn't like what Ashton wore in this movie.. These short jeans...ugly boots...
- In the first half of the movie there are a lot of sex scenes... And even though they all lasted for just a few seconds, I had to turn away every time cuz they were a bit disgusting...

Ha.. well those 2 are the only facts I didn't really like.. But the movie is still cool cuz:

- Ashton's walk is so funny in the movie =)))
- In some way it shows true men's friendship
- The Hollywood view from the hills is soooo beautiful!!!
- Nikki (Ashton's character) just uses rich girls for having a place to live and eat.. cuz he has nothing at all.. no money, no home... nothing... And this movie shows the truth of this kind of life...When you have nothing and noone to really value. Well.. He has always wanted to live this way, cuz he knew that he's cute and popular among girls and stuff...
- But everything changes when he meets HER!!! Heather.. By the way.. the actress that plays this role looks sooo much like Jessica Alba =)) Oh, and she's actually Russian ))) She's really cool!!!
- Really, if you're a guy!!! Nikki can teach you how to charm ANY girl ))) even an old police woman )))))
- When you've never valued anyone... you life totally changes when true feeling come
- I didn't expect how thing will turn out in the end at all!!!! Actually in the very ends I kept on wondering...So what's now??? What's gonna be then??
- "If the problem is in the ring, the ring is not a problem"... I don't know why but this phrase struck me!!! Here the engagement ring was meant. In Russia we don't really have this tradition of giving a ring when became popular just within the last few years... And there's a tradition that it should be a rock ring, mostly of white gold and stuff.... But... that doesn't matter at all what metal the ring is made of... or if it has glass instead of diamond...The feelings and the wish to be with a person are much more important!!!
- I think it's really cool that Nikki decided to change his life for the one he loved... A very brave decision he made!!!
-Heather shouldn't have done that!!! (In the very end) =(((

Well... It's really hard for me to put things together and formulate all of my thoughts in one post...All I can say is... I was really impressed by this movie!!!

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