Sunday, October 18, 2009

I Totally Love My 'Lil Sis!!!

Oh, my 'lil sis... She's awesome!!!!! I know, I get mad sometimes when she's naughty and stuff..But still, these days, I notice more and more how much I love her ))) And feeling kid's love in return is an unbelievably beautiful feeling!!! She always gives us a thousand kisses and hugs.....oh, gosh!!! This is always soooo great!!!
When this girl came into our life she changed it!!! Now she's our little sunchine!!! It's soooo great to have so much laugh in our house!! She can be soooo funny sometimes...Everything she says...Everything she does!!! )))
And the more I look at her, the more I see things in common we have ))))
Like, she always runs into something (corners, door-posts and stuff)... Ha...I just can't help passing a door-post or a table without hitting against it =))))
We say "What?" totally the same way!!! We laughed really hard today when she said it exactly like I usually do!!
We actually have much more in common ... I should better make a list one day to remember )))

Something changed in me these days... I noticed that I can watch this girl forever with that tender look in my eyes that a woman adoring her kid usually has!!! When I see her sleeping I just can't keep myself from kissing her forehead!! =)) I guess that so-called "Mother instinct" is awakening in me!! =)))

While grandma didn't see Masha she decided to cut her bangs a bit =))))) It looks much better now though ))) Mom got really mad when she saw it and even started crying... But She's a kid!!! Isn't it just funny )))))))

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