Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pizza Time!!!

So yesterday night I went out with friends to have some pizza!!! It was pretty cool to see all of them together!! And I was really surprised to see my best friend there... cuz he moved to Moscow about a month ago... But this time... all of my besties were there )))
Me and Sashka took a huge pizza for two of us ))))

Pretty big, huh?? ))))

But to tell the truth, I tried a small piece of Shondra's pizza and ejoyed it much more then the half of my one )))

Mmmmm... It was one with shrimps and pineapples... Gotta take it the next time I go to that place again ))))

Poor Vanya.... He had to just sit there hoping someone would share a piece of pizza with him cuz he had no money to buy one... But in the end generous Dima came and shared a piece of his cold (by that time) pizza with Vanya )))))

After everyone was done with pizza Kristina joined us!!! Poor thing... they didn't have anything she wanted to order ))))) Though you can't say she was upset looking at this picture...

After a year in America she know how to look happy in pictures )))))))))

I actually totally loved the end of that night, cuz me and Kristina had a chance to talk all the way back home... Just like in old times... I missed it!!!

So here are some more pictures from that day:

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  1. Wow!! Russian pizza is way different from american!! YUM!


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