Monday, October 26, 2009

New Calling

So I got a new calling in Church. Now I gotta organize all the Branch activities...Uuuuffff.... Every week something different... That's gonna be tough but I'll try to =)
So this saturday was my "debut" ))) We had a youth activity.And as nobody really was invited and nobody really knew I didn't expect many people would come.. I thought there would be like 5 of us and we would have "a small VIP party" )))))) So I didn't buy much refreshments... And didn't really plan anything =)))
But ... to my surprise people just kept on coming... Even people from Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod came... Wow... So in the end there were 16 of us!!! I was so shocked and i didn't know what to do cuz I didn't plan on anything!!! ))) But luckily there were a few people who wanted to play Mafia... So we played it 3 times in a row =)))
That night actually turned out well.. we had a lot of laughter.. and looks like everyone had fun =)

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