Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Time

So this year my Halloween totally sucked… basically cuz I didn’t do anything =((( They didn’t let us do anything at the Branch… And no one really offered me anything that day.
That’s ashame, cuz this very year I was really excited and wanted to dress up as smth…I even asked mom “Let’s just dress up and have fun!!!” but she doesn’t like this holiday only cuz of the fact it’s a day of all the dead.
This day is getting more and more popular in Russia. And this year Yaro teens made some cool stuff… They danced Michael Jackson’s Thriller in the streets and in a mall )))))
Here’s a video from the main street of my city!!! )))

Well… Even though I didn’t get my treat this year I checked out lots of Halloween pictures on Facebook and other blogs. Most of the pictures I came across were of in love couples dressed up in “couple costumes”. That made me think what I would do…But I’ll let you know my choice at the end ))))
Let me show you first some pictures of random couples )))))
I have no idea why but at least 3 couples were these:
Alli and Danny

Jeremy and Shanna

Just a random couple from Facebook … Have no idea what their names are )))

One of my favorite couples Mckenzie and Mikey were David and Victoria Beckham this year:

Christian and Hayley have always been creative ))))

Ok… A few more couples:
Polumna and her husband (some Facebook couple I have in my Friends list) =))))

Natacha Peyre and Dhani Lennevald:

Natacha with some couple:

I think I’d look really hot in Natacha’s costume, huh??? )))))))))))

Oh… And I just can’t help putting THIS PIC:

This guy has probably the most awesome costume!! )))))))))
But ok.. Here’s MY CHOICE!!!!
If it were up to me to choose a “couple costume” …. That would be Bonnie and Clyde!!!

I know, I’m not creative… But for some reason I really want to be them for at least one night =)))) Maybe next year =)))))))

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