Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Can't wait for school to be over...

Hahaha.... I really can't ))))) This is the last year for me and I graduate in June... But gosh!!! I just can't concentrate on studying!!! I almost don't do homework anymore )))) And I skip school way too much )))) I'm still wondering how in the world they haven't kicked me out yet ))))
Poor English teacher.... She sees me like 0nce in 2 weeks or so ))))) Every week I promise myself that the next week is gonna be the one with no skipping at all... But guess what??? That just doesn't work and I start skipping since Monday ))))))))))
The only class I regret to skip is French... But I skip it only cuz I don't have enough time to do homework and don't wanna feel like a loser at the class... The French teacher is really cool that's why I always feel ashamed when skipping... But oh well... I know I gotta be better )))
I'll try to.... ha.. I'm already planning on skipping most of the classes tomorrow )))) I have only a month left in this term though.. So maybe next one with less skipping??? ))))))))) Can I handle that??? Hahaha.. I don't think so ))))))))))

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