Thursday, July 28, 2011

Late Birthday Photo Report

Hello everyone!!!!
I finally made myself sort out some pictures.... Today those were from last Birthday....Dang it!!!! I'm way too old now =)))) 
Let's just say I'm still 19 =))))))))
My Birthday started with a big surprise I found in a fridge when I just got up in the morning =))))

I was taught to eat a Birthday cake in an absolutely new way =))) 

Ok.... That was morning and I didn't blow any candle from that cake so I decided I needed to make a new one =))))

Noooooo idea why I had this face decorating my cake =)))

And guess I wasn't too happy about doing it by myself =))) 

That's how it turned out in the end =))) 

I honestly wanted to look happy in these two ppictures =))))

I guess this one turned out just fine =))))


Pretending =)))

For real

In the last picture you can see the biggest failure in the world... yeah, I am... I couldn't blow all the candles... Stupid candles, don't EVER buy ones like that!!!! =))))) So guess what???? When I realized I didn't blow all of them I freaked out and started crying really really hard... It lasted for like 15 minutes =))))) Here in Russia if you don't blow all of the candles it means your dream won't come true..... Oh shoot!!!! I was hoping for that one so bad!!!! =)))) Anyway, guess I'll take a revenge next year =))))
After "blowing" the candles me and A finished the day with bread-pizza without even trying the cake =))))

The End =))))

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