Thursday, February 17, 2011

Books World

My whole life I HATED reading.... There were tons of books I had to read for my classes but all of them were super boring. That made me hate reading even more. I often wished to find at least ONE book that would be interesting and absorbing... No luck.... 
Once my teacher told me to read "To Kill a Mockingbird" and yay!! That was the very first book that I actually enjoyed reading. 
After graduation from university I told myself: "I gotta start reading!!! I want it!!! I MUST find smth!!!"
After a while I came across this blog where I found a review for this book:

And that's where my journey to the "Books World" began. It took me just two days to read it. Amazing book!!! Super funny!!! The language of the book is very "girlish" that any girl will understand =)))) Reading of this book wasn't enough so I read two more books of this author =))))


Same style...same humour...same good =)))

Next book in my list was this:

Beautiful language... A book about love between brothers and making one big choice in life =) Pretty touching =)

And the last book I read for now was this one 

This man is amazing!!! This book may seem kinda boring because not many things happen (even though it embraces about 10 years of the main hero's life)... But this book seemed so touching to me. Tony Parsons showed exactly how a father feels for his kids, his worries about them....(it showed me exactly how I know my father felt for me) and it also shows what deep feelings a husband may have for his wife. All I can say is that this book is great and I long to read ALL of the books by this author. 

That's it!!! Not bad for the start, huh?? =)))) 

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