Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Late Movie Monday - Dance/Music Movies

I'm sorry I didn't have a chance to post anything yesteray so I thought it's better late than never =))) 
This post is about dance/music movies =))) 
Are they as inspiring to you as they are to me??? 
I can't get enough of these movies in my life... Whenever I watch them I get soooooooo inspired.... I wanna start taking dance classes.. and street dance would be my choice.... I wanna do it sooooo bad!!! Maybe in summer when Aaron is gone and I'll have more time on my days off =)))
Wanna know about dance/music movies I recently watched??? Here they are:

Step Up is usually the movie that inspires me most to start taking street dance classes =))))) Ok.... I'll just show one of my favorite dances =))) 

To see more... the  battles and stuff - watch the movie =))))

This movie is about discovering and developing your talents.... and sometimes hidden talents... 
Here's a trailer:

This is a British version of Step Up plus ballet =)))) Still liked it, though the dances are not as good as in Step Up. 

Ok.... and the last one for today

I LOVED it.... It's so nice =)))... Most of all I loved how slim and natural Christina looks in it... 
Plus Cam Gigandet didn't play a role of a bad vampire here... or of a bad a$$ student.... I finally got to see him as a positive character =)))) And it was good 

Oh.... And this man

He's always so perfect for all the roles he plays.... I was just a bit surprised in this movie... I won't tell you why for now =)) 
And the last thing about this movie that made me watch it is Kristen Bell

Another surprise of the movie cuz she was such a negative character.... 

Does this kind of movies inspire you to smth bigger??? To following your dream and a wish to change smth about your life?? Well... they always do this to me.... I just never change a thing =)))))

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