Thursday, March 25, 2010

One Of The Best Weekends

Last weekend was totally great!!! The day started with me sleeping as long as I wanted. Then I met Sashka and Dashka in a pizzeria. We had a lovely time eating pizza and headed to Shondra to watch "Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief"... 
But the best part of the night was getting a ride on a cool new car and making a stop at embankment. What for??? Let me show you.... 

First take this happy couple:

Now take this place:

But at winter night:

That's where it all happened.... Yup... Sashka made a "one-knee-proposal" .... Yaaaaaaaay!!!!!

The whole proposal part ended up with Dasha saying... "Yes"

21/03/2010 about 23.35 Sashka and Dasha got officially engaged

I'm sooooo happy for them!!!! Now we're all excited about the wedding coming this may =)))

Ok... So another great thing about last weekend was that I got back to Church... after about 4-5 months of being inactive...That was pretty much exciting to be there again... But I'm not sure yet I'll keep on coming regulary.. 
Now I'm kinda excited about this weekend. We've got the Relief Society Birthday on Saturday... and... They told me to make a spiritual thought .... No fun ))))) But ok.. I don't mind )))) 

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  1. congratulations!! stuff like that makes me wanna go marry some girl too, lol


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