Friday, March 19, 2010

There Should Always Be Best Friends

That's weird how life can change...I remember when I was a kid I had been kind of a leader among the kids around me... in the kindergarten... in primary school... There were people who wanted to be like me... There were people who I had to kind of "contest" with to be a leader. But being a leader is not that good cuz there are lots of people around who want to be your friend but none really is. 
I'm pretty sure I got my first real best friend in the 3rd grade. Her name was Masha. She was new in my class and we also found out that we were neighbours. She seemed so much smarter and wiser than me.So we got to hang out together every day.Our handwritings looked almost the same and she could easily copy mine, so she did some of my homework so we could go play outside sooner =)))) Then I changed school and she moved to another city. We were kids so we failed to keep in touch... 
In the new school it was hard... I got used to be a leader so I tried to get along with "peeps on top"... I got tired of them soon though... All those money, outfit and other talks that would show how rich your family is. So I got to hang out with this girl, named Masha (not the first one =) ). Really, I look back and get so many great memories of how we laughed all classes long, helped each other with homework. I helped her with English, she helped me with Chemistry. Even after I changed school again we still were best friends. She tells me sometimes things like "I remember I used to come home from school and thought "Natasha's gonna call any minute" and then you called"... We shared absolutely everything with each other. We had been best friends for 8 years until we somehow lost what we had. And since then we call each other a few times a year and say how much we miss all those times. We always try to fix everything but fail every time. I really hope that this year we'll manage to bring things back and I'll be able to say that we've been best friends for over 12 years =)

This was my 17th Birthday.The last year we got to spend time together.After that we only got to say "Hi" in the streets. 

In 2006 I got to know a guy named Sasha. My first impression wasn't the best. I thought he was arrogant and a kind of "mr-know-all". And whenever we got to play Frisbee I felt like he hated me and and never gave me a pass or threw frisbee the way I'd drop it =))) Then in summer 2007 he asked if I had MSN and we began to spend hours chatting.I figured all of his dirty secrets =)))))))) And it was always great when he needed my support =))) We got to hang out together every once in a while. For now it's been like half a year or even more since we last really talked... But!!!! Yesterday we got to chat on Facebook and that made me soooo happy!!!! )))))) I really miss seeing him (espicially since he's living in Moscow) and talking to him. He's one of those who probably knows me better than I do and can always foresee how I'll act or he can say how I feel very acсurately without me even really realizing it yet =))) So today again I'm full of hope that things will work out well and we'll keep in touch. 

My favorite pic of me and Sashka

For all my life there were very few people I really feel sad I there are not many people I never want to lose. And I can tell for sure Masha and Sashka are among the most important people in my life!!! Love them!!!


  1. А где мои прыщики? Или их уже не было? Да, да.. Я помню тот день.. Помню фразу "Ты чего какой большой?!" Дни, когда я занимался в спортзале и был действительно "рельефный" хаха :) Кровать Кристинки хаха! А фотка и вправду отличная! Надо новых будет сфоткать :)

  2. А мне нра фоты, когда мы встретились на Совке, я был с гитарой, "немного" навеселе.. отмечали 18-ти летие девочки, которую еще в 3 года я поцеловал хаха, первый опыт все такое :) И как мы гуляли по ночному Ярославлю, у фонтана рядом со столбами, на нижней набережной, пели песни у Вечного Огня, пока милиция не прогнала нас :)


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