Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Me = Mom. Days 5 - 11

Day 5
Went to the country-side to visit grandma. I got my first tan )))
Luckily it was really hot and sunny =)) Masha had a lovely time playing.

Days 5-9
Don't remember much... They were pretty much the same.... Staying up late doing things about the house while Masha was asleep and then catching up with sleep at day time =))) 
A couple of phrases from Masha I remember:
- Do you know who I love? Everyone in the family and mayonnaise XDXDXDXDXDXDX
Masha: I want you to take me from the kindergarten earlier.
Me: I took you later on purpose so you could play with the other kids. Don't you want to play with them?
Masha: I don't. I want you to take me earlier because I miss you and I want to be with you. (Aaaaaawwww)

Day 10
Visited granny in the country-side again. I slept most of the time so Masha got to play with another girl of 12 years old. 

Day 11
Mom came back, but she needed to get some sleep so we went to grandma again. Masha had been coughing a bit by then and kinda had a runny nose so I asked grandma to look after her and went to take a short nap. After a short while I came back to see Masha standing barefooted on the ground in her panties totally wet.... I was sooo mad and so upset about that... I even almost cried. That day I tried to get home as soon as possible. Fortunately Masha didn't get even more sick after that incident. 

After we got back home that day my time of being mom was over (((((( I was kinda sad about that, cuz I totally loved that time spent with Masha.... Just us two...even though she was kinda naughty the last 2-3 days =)))) And I loved being mom, doing all the momma things like buying food and making dinner, doing laundry almost every day cuz Masha always got home dirty after kindergarten etc ))))) So.... That was a great experience.... And... I think I'm ready )))))))))))))))))))))))

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