Thursday, May 27, 2010


There are so many songs about friendship...and what true friend really is. But have you ever actually had one like that? I'm pretty sure some of you have.... 
Here are 2 of my favorite songs about being a true friend.(If you don't really speak English - find lyrics)

McFly - You've Got A Friend (Can't remember who sang the original, but I like this one more)

Faber Drive - I'll Be There ( feat. Jessie Farrell)
(It's probably a song how your lover would support you, but for me it's a song about friendship)

Unfortunately I hate to admit it but I've never had a friend like in these songs. I don't have anyone who could be there for me whenever I'm down or in trouble.I don't have a friend I could call in the middle of the night.I don't have a friend who I could talk to about anything in the world, who would listen to me with understanding and support. Well.... All I want to say is that I feel like in the second song but don't have that kind of person to be there for me...
Aaron always tells me that I've got him and that I shouldn't be in such a despair. But oh well.... everyone needs a friend... I just feel like I need it now like never before..

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