Saturday, May 29, 2010

Birthday Time

Let's start with my Birthday song =))))

My birthday actually started on Sunday when mom came back from her trip to Scandinavia...So on Sunday I got my Birthday presents from her =)))) That was mostly cloths but also some stuff I asked her to bring me like a Swedish flag and Swedish cookies =))))) But... to tell the truth these were the best presents I ever got from her...I was so excited about everything I got that I could barely fall asleep that night =)))) That even kinda made excited about the whole Birthday thing which is super rare =)))) Last time I was happy and excited about my Brthday as a kid... All the last years I remember I was super depressed. 
On Monday I fell asleep in a bad mood and woke up on Tuesday with same crappy mood ... so the whole day was kinda spoiled cuz of that... Morning started with mom and Masha coming to my room saying "Happy Birthday"... Mmmmm..... didn't help.... 
That was a very gloomy day as well cuz of that 

So in the evening my grandma and grandpa came and we had a sort of a family dinner... I made my Birthday cake and got to light the candles =))))) Masha hurried us saying smth like "Let's eat the cake already" =))))

Was thinking hard on my wish

And here we go

Love this picture

Got these shoes from mom as one of the presents =))) Love them!!!


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