Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lots of Oldies

I've been looking through lots of old pictures the other day and decided to share a few with you here )))) 
Let's start with these taken in 2005 in Tallinn, Estonia

Used to love this picture and put it as my profile picture =)))) Wouldn't do it now )))))

Same 2005

My teacher showing me my mistakes... I was a freshman back then...Everyone in the group hated her =))) I didn't really care though =))) 

At a lake not far from the place I live

Another picture I used to love =)))

Used to hang out with most of these people for about a year in the 11th grade.The blonde sitting guy was my best friend for a couple of years.The blonde curly girl in a scarf also was my best friend back then. I had been sitting with the tall guy in the middle at one desk in school for 2 years =))) He had a crush on me for at least a year =)))  Could tell more about the rest in the picture, bu that will take too much time ))) 

And some more pictures from that old 2005 =))) 



2006. My 18th Birthday. Guess what's in the box?? =)) 

My compuuuuuter!!! I cried of happiness having got it =))) Can't believe it's so old already =))) 

I'm pretty sure that was the New 2007 Year Eve

Grandma's Cats

This dark cat used to be ours until mom gave it to grandma cuz he ate her plants =))) He died of cancer long ago ((((( The one on the right came to our door as a tiny kitten and we brought it to grandma right away =)) He's still alive and he's absolutely huge )))))) 

Now he has a "girlfriend" =))) They love each other sooo much =))) 

They used to make lots of "babies" =)))) He's one of them =))) 

Ok.... That's all for now =))))))) I know... I've put way too many pictures on here... just wanted to share them =))) 

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  1. haha Natash of course you can read my blog. I know you in real life and we are friends and I don't mind at all if you read it. I read yours! It's just creepy when strangers read it.


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