Sunday, May 16, 2010

Me = Mom. Days 1-4

On Tuesday mom left for a tour across the Scandinavia... So now I have to babysit my 'lil sis for almost 2 weeks and be a sort of mom =))) 
The night after mom's leaving was ok... we just went to bed and stuff.... 

In the morning Day 1 started. 
Masha always falls asleep with someone in the room... holding her hand... When I made sure she fell asleep I went to sleep in my room. In the morning she came to me and we slept for 1.5 hour more.. That was great cuz she put her head on my shoulder, I hugged her and we fell asleep =) (Guess I used the sleep-root-words way too many times ) =)))) 
Then all the daily stuff came... kindergarten, coming back home etc etc.
It all was followed by another night.. falling asleep holding hands and stuff... 
If you don't have a kid yet.... you should know... Falling asleep with your baby is one of the greatest things on earth... Holding this small hand, running fingers through this absolutely soft hair and just watching the kid sleeping.... Oh... I could easily spend a whole night up just not to miss a second of it)))) 

Day 2 and Day 3 were pretty much the same...Except for making some oatmeal cookies on the Day 3 =))) Thought they would suck but they turned out pretty good =))) I don't remember much of the days  already.... But every time I get so surprised how much patience I have now... I remember I used to freak out every time Masha was naughty... Now everything is totally different... I always try to talk to her in a very calm way and we barely have conflicts. And I get surprised how easy we get along... But still sometimes I wish I were as much important for her as mom  =))))) 

Day 4
Decided to stay for the night in same room with her... Found out she kinda snores at night ))))) But that's ok ))) 
I needed to do some stuff in town, so we went there together and on the way back we got to spend some lovely time at a fountain... trying to catch those tiny drops on our faces ))) 
Then we went straight to the country-side to visit grandpa for the lunch... He's really jack-of-all-trades... Recently he took 3 old bicycles and made 1 that actually works just fine )))) So I gave a ride to Masha a few times.... Gosh, when I live my own life I gotta have a bicyle ))) I love it soooo much.... and I miss having it... And it's sooooo good to keep legs in shape )))))))
Well... the day actually ended up with some tears... But only cuz Masha decided to be naughty and I decided to be strict (as mom advised)))))) 
Kinda excited about tomorrow... Cuz we were planning to go to the country-side again.. But this time to visit grandma =))) Hope there will be no rain tomorrow =))))) 

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  1. How fun!! You sound like such a cute little MOMMY!!! haha


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