Saturday, August 7, 2010


Ok.... First of all for those who have no idea what dacha is =))))) It's a small house with a garden =))))

Whenever I'm at dacha we live as one big family... Usually there are 5 of us:me, grandma, my 'lil sis, grandma's best friend and her son Yura (That's him in the picture). Yura is like a little brother to me...We've always been close.We've always could share anything with each other, secrets and thoughts. It kinda changed with time and now we almost don't talk when we're together but we still know how to have fun sometimes. 

In June I got to spend not much time at dacha, just a few days and everything I did was mostly babysitting Masha. But after those days I met Yura's mom in the street and she told me smth. She said that Yura told her I've chnaged a lot... that's I've become such a grown up.For him a year ago I was still a little kid but now I'm not anymore...Ans she also said that he was surprised how much I love Masha... That was kinda weird to hear it... So I decided to ask mom if I changed. She said I did and with that I became much more reserved. I don't share thoughts anymore and don't tell her anything... Well... That's actually true =)))

Since the very beginning of August mom went to kindergarten and wrote a paper about Masha not going there for a month for both of us to have some rest. And she needs me there to babysit Masha =))))) So now I have to spend there a whoooole month!!! Good thing - Yura and his mom are there.... So there are 5 of us there again... In the very beginning I was kinda excited about going there cuz I thought that would be lots of fun..... But on the very first day I was suuuuuper bored.... Things got better with time though.... We have a river close to dacha, so we go to swim often... I finally get to eat a lot =)))))) (I almost didn't eat within a year... just didn't have time for that with school and babysitting)... Yura bring a laptop so we have Internet at dacha =)))))) And also I brought speakers and all of my movies so late at night after Masha falls asleep we make a sort of an open-air cinema =)))) So when it's dark outside and really quiet the sound from the speakers seems almost like Dolby Surround =)))))))))))))))))) We got to see only 2 movies for now this way :

That was cool... We had a good laugh watching the Tooth Fairy.... And it funny watching Mirrors with Yura cuz he shuddered a lot =))))) It was also funny when he talked about an actress in the movie.... It all started from "There's something in her"... then it was "Oh.. she has beautiful legs" and it all ended up him saying "She looked so sexy" in one of very intense moments =)))))) 
Oh and "Mirrors" was still cool to watch again cuz I forgot some stuff already... It was still pretty intense for me =)))))

For this weekend I'm home to take a normal shower and stuff... But tomorrow I'm getting back to dacha for one more week. We'll see how it goes. I'll let you know if there's something interesting going on =))) 

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