Tuesday, August 31, 2010

R.I.P. Zyuzya

My little hamster boy died a few weeks ago. When I took him I somehow felt he wouldn't live long. I also knew there was smth wrong with him cuz his testicles were just huge and pink. I checked online later and vets said that it's normal if hamster's testicles are of impressive size. 
But a few weeks ago I found him barely breathing and not moving... The weirdest thing was that his testicles were gone... They just disappeared... Guess thew blew up or smth and it caused the death... I won't tell you in details cuz it's just super gross.... 
So after a few hours of this torment he died...
Later on mom found out that this kind of hamsters lives for 3 months only and that they always need a female one next to them..
Well.... at least now I know that wasn't my fault he died =)
I'm gonna miss this little one... even though he bit me all the time and was super noisy =))) 


  1. RIP Zyuzya =[

    My first pet ever was a hamster and he lived for 3 years and I was so sad when he died !! Hamsters are super cuties =]

  2. oh, he was a very very nice hamster!
    RIP <3


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