Monday, August 23, 2010

Dacha. Last Week

Well.... Looks like summer is over so I had my last week at dacha 2 weeks ago ((( 
Had my last swims this year, enjoyed last extremely hot days and ate a lot =)))) 
I didn't have much fun as always but it was good. I kinda miss those days. 
I really don't have much to tell you cuz it's gonna be super boring if I start =))) But I have some pictures to share =))) Took them from Yura's camera =)))

That's our little pool/pond =))) Yura made it much bigger than it was before =)))

Masha couldn't wait for the pool to be filled with water =))))

Guess it took a while =)))) 

Not too much excited about berries, huh?? =))) 

This cat is tiny and super tender... but she's a real hunter... Every day she brought either a mouse or a small bird

What a kind girl =)))) 

Hahahahaha.... Grandma washing a barrel =))) 


While I was at dacha the smoke finally went away and we had first beautiful sunset in a long while =)))) We were actually a bit late for it but still caught a piece of beauty =)))) 

That night the sky was covered with millions of bright stars... It was soooooo beautiful!!!!! I just wanted to take a blanket and spend a whole night watching the stars =))))) I also dreamed of going on a date under the starry sky =)))) With blankets and hot chocolate =)))) 


  1. Da last 2 fotos are fuckin' awesome!

  2. Hi
    Thanks for following my blog . Im following you too =)
    I love the photos of your daughter . She is gorgeous =]
    Hope you enjoy my blog !!

  3. Thanks for the comment . Sorry for the mistake Lol I assumed she was your daughter .. Have a nice day!! =]


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