Monday, August 2, 2010


It takes me like forever to update my blog these months... Woooops!!! but really I just usually don't have time for that =((((
So here's an update back from June... I finally graduated from University!!!! Yaaaaay!!!! I'm done with it FOREVER!!!!! Oooohhhh.... Thank goodness!!!! I had been waiting for that since I was a freshman =)))))))))  And finally these 5 years of torture and absolutely useless things are over!!!!
I had been studying English and French.... And after these 5 years my English got as horrible as it can be that I can't even pronounce sounds anymore =)))) And I totally suck at French =))))) 
I studied to become an interpreter so we had classes of translation.... And.... I totally sucked at that too =)))))))))
The longer I studied there the more I understood it all wasn't really my cup of tea... 
The best  thing about uni was my group... All girls... no boys =)))) We actually had lots of fun together... going to the Dean's office at yelling at them.... always unsatisfied and complaining about teachers =))))) In the end we got everything we wanted =)))) 
In June we had our finals.... 2 finals in English and 2 finals in French..... And I actually did good in all of them =))))) 

Here's my group (except for one girl) and our French teacher

And theeeeeeen... After the graduation ceremony we celebrated it by ourselves..... With lots of alcohol and very little food =))))))))) So by the end of the day some girls were super drunk.... That was actually kinda funny to watch them =))))
Anyway... here are some of the pictures from after the graduation:

With Liz.... We've been together all the 5 years

With Yulia... Oh.... We had sooooo much fun in uni

My girls =)))

Couldn't help taking this kind of pictures =))))))

Well.... Girls had lots of fun with a bottle of Martini

Here it is.... Now it's over... I won't miss studies... but I'm gonna miss these girls.... 
And now after I graduated I need to look for a job..... Hhhhhmmmm.... We'll see what I can find =)))) 


  1. girls youre gorgeous. Specially the one in blue, she drove me crazy...

  2. Natashka, pomogi mne nayti eyo aa


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