Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Hamster

My last hamster died in Decmeber.... 
Some time ago I was out with Masha and there was this woman with a big cahe full of small hamsters.... she gave them away for free.... So we took one too =)))) 

So... meet Zyuzya =)))) It's a boy =)))) He's not nearly as pretty as the last hamster but I don't mind =))) He wasn't cute at all when we took him... now he looks much better =))))))))))) Kind of like in the picture.... 

We had a small accident the next day we took him. Masha asked to hold him and when I was giving the hamster to her he jumped off and fell on the floor... right on his back.... So he started yelling out loud..... I was sooooooo worried about him after that, cuz whenever I tried to take him after that he kept on yelling.... I was afraid if he hurt smth or if he was in pain... because he got to yell sometimes even if we didn't touch him.... Well... Now it looks like he's ok... I guess he was just totally afraid and missed his mom. 

This 'lil hamster is ...... I want to say a bad a$$ =))))))))))) Really..... He never lets me take him... He bites me all the time... even when I give him food!!!! and guess what??? He even snores =))))))))) And still I don't mind taking care of him =)))) 

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for taking care of the hamster even though he is ill-behaved. I know the little critter is not perfect just like as all, but the good you do will come back to you.

    If there were more young people like you this world will be a better place.

    Keep it up Natasha.
    Strength and Honor!


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