Sunday, August 15, 2010

Leap Year

Ok.... I really wanted to see this movie cuz Amy Adams is one of my favorites =))) So.... Watched it a couple of hours ago... You can see pretty much the whole movie from the trailer =)))) Everything in this movie is very banal and predictable... But still there's something about it that makes you love it =))) I watched the whole movie with a slight smile on my face =)) Amy Adams is great as always.... And the guy... a real jerk... but still a charming one =)))) So the whole movie I was wondering "Are all Irishmen like this one?" =))))
Oh and the landscapes of Ireland are absolutely amazing!!!! After watching the movie I really want to go there some day and see all of it myself!!!!

What has this movie taught me??? Hhhmmm..... It made me realize one more time that if a guy seems to be perfect for you with whom you feel all that harmony and stuff - he's NOT the one!!! A guy who makes you go crazy sometimes, someone who you want to hate sometimes, someone who makes you feel a million different emotions and at the same time a guy who you can't get enough of and feel being addicted to - IS the ONE!!!! =)))) 

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