Friday, September 3, 2010


So I spent lots of time watching movies these days =)))))
Soooooo..... =))))
Was kinda disappointed with:


1) I heard that Old Dogs was super great and funny, but when I watched it I was like "Hhhhmmm.... And where should I laugh??"... Unfortunately the cast hasn't saved the movie...And seeing Travolta with his hair and eyebrows dyed is like "Eeeeewww" =))))))
2) Date Night.... Someone said that couples that lived together over 5 years should watch it for sure.... I guess that is why I thought "Oh... I hope me and my husband will never have that period they had... And though it's unavoidable, I hope we'll find a way to always "warm up" our feelings".

This movie was in Top of most downloaded movies on one of Russian websites....So when I was downloading it I thought that would suck... Kind of... "Aaaahhh...some French action...not interesting"... But I told myself that I would at least start watching it =))))) I watched the whole movie in the end =))))) It was intense... not much of an action, but when it came to murders they were super cruel...I'm impressed!!

Super impressed with this one!!!!! This movie was nominated to 5 different award in 9 categories and most of them were for acting!!! Tobey Maguire was even nominated for Golden Globe!!And I gotta say he did GREAT!!! I never knew he's so professional!!! And Natalie Portman... Oh, she's always been one of my favorites!!! At first I thought this was going to be same story as in Pearl Harbor but it's totally different...I can't remember any other drama that would make such an impression on me (maybe only the "Pursuit of Happyness" and "Crash")... Almost half of the movie I watched closing my face with hands... You know when you close your mouth and nose when you're super nervous...This movie is sooo worth watching!!!! But be ready that it's going to be emotionally hard!!!! 

When I just saw the poster for this movie I was absolutely sure it would suck =)))))) But to my surprise I liked it =))) It wasn't scary at all but it was intense. While watching I was really worried about the main heroes. I loved it how creators could make it interesting showing mostly emotions and feeling. 

Loved it!!!!! All the actors fit the movie just perfectly!!! What I paid much attention to is great stunts =))) 

Mmmmm.... Good one!!! I missed Mr T though and I think noone can smoke a cigar as good as George Peppard =)))) 

Well... Still all of them did great in the movie... Loved the humor and the action... I think I gotta watch it again =)))

Ok.... That's all for today I think =)))  

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