Monday, August 29, 2011

Movie Monday

It's been a while since I last wrote my Movie Monday post... Now it's time to bring the tradition back!!! =)) Let's start!!! =))) 

Liked it! That's how each of us should love their jobs and how devoted we should be!!! Only then we'll enjoy what we're doing!! =))) 

I LOOOOVED this movie!!! Wanted watch it ever since I saw the trailer!!! =)))) And even though it had more swears than I expected it still was great!!! Made me wonder whether my parents had smth like that in their life =)))) And it kinda made me wanna try and live in that period to feel that "epoch"... I think I could good at that with my love for bright colours =)))) 

This movie is just....AMAZING!!!! I LOVED it soooo much!!!! Both Katherine Heigl and Just Duhamel were just perfect for these roles... It's a great family comedy that you're ready to watch again and again!!!!

Yet another movie I loved =) I'm not a fan of Matt Damon, so the main reason why I wanted to watch the movie was Emily Blunt. Plus I saw the trailer =)) The movie turned out really good. It's about fighting for your love and fate no matter what. I think when a girl watches this movie she thinks of her boyfriend/husband and wonders if he'd do the same to be with her... Or just dreams about a guy fighting for her this hard =))) 

Ok.... This is the last one for today.... And another one I totally loved =))))) Great comedy that even my Mr.A seemed to like =)))) And Kristen Bell is a cutie as always and was just perfect for this role. Funny story with funny coincidences and should be added to your must-watch-list =)))) 

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