Friday, October 8, 2010

Best Friend's Bridal Shower - Part 2

So ok... The second part =)))) 
After that small photoshoot and eating we got to play =)))) We put stickers with names of cartoon heroes on each other's  foreheads and tried to guess them =))) 



Baba Yaga (A character from old Russian fairy-tales)

Shrek... It took this girl FOREVER to guess her characters =))) Even when we tried to give her this easy one =))) 


It's always great to take pictures with Liza =))) Cuz next to her you always look super tanned =)))) 

After the game and a sort of dinner we finally got to a girl talk =)))) Something we waited for a whole night =))))) And as soon as we got to the most interesting part Liza's fiance and his best man got back from the bachelor party =))) Soooo..... we just started playing Mafia.... I kinda hated this game before cuz it seemed sooooo stupid and boring =)))) But this time I enjoyed it cuz I always was a citizen and just loved to pretend to be a mafia and take part in the discussion =)))) So then I got killed aaaaaand.... Bummer =))))))))) 
We had a great night  =))) I had lots of fun =))))

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  1. I was looking through your blog with my mom and she thinks you are gorgeous!

    Me too!


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