Sunday, October 10, 2010

Let's Go For A Walk - Part 2

Some more pictures...

Hahahaha... Oh Masha.... =)))) 


I'm not quite sure what it was but Masha had that look on her face for like a minute... Guess she was posing =)))) 

Masha climbed to that thing and asked to take a picture of her =))) 

Looks like it was a bit windy =))))) Oh... And I LOOOOVE those Russian home-made lollipos we're eating =))) 

Wish we had more time that day so we could see more places... But still it was nice... Lollipop made my day =)))) Wish I also had had cotton candy =))))) It would make things just perfect =))) 


  1. ohh, how pretty is the blond child <3

  2. Heyy
    Thanks for the friendly comment =)
    Your pics are wonderfull , Masha is soo cute!!


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