Monday, May 30, 2011

Movie Monday

Yay!!! I'm finally making this again!!!!! I honestly have been so suuuuuper busy this last month that I didn't really have time to make any long post..... So basically everything I posted this month was from work =)))) 
So while I'm making some pancakes I've decided to update you with some movies =))))
Let's start =)))

The whole movie was like "Aaaaawwwww".... And I kept on wondering how they made this movie... Did they found a white lion, went through its life and then made up a legent out of it??? Or did they have a legend first and then they just made a super natural looking movie???

I heard the book was really really good...So I really wanted to see the movie..... It's really hard for me to find a movie that would be scary... Well.... this one is not among them =))))) But that would be a good horror movie for those who get scared easily =)))) 

Good.... It actually made me shudder a few times!!!!! That means it's a pretty good horror movie.... Though it was super stupid at some moments...But in the end it keeps you wondering "What in the world is gonna happen next???"

Made according to good old tradition of "Saw Movies".... With tons of blood and people getting cut and all that stuff.... Can't remember much from all other parts so I kinda kept on thinking how this or that person is connected to the plot =)))))) 

This movie was super dumb.... But it didn't make it a bad one at all.... I actually loved it =))))) Dumb but funny... What else do you need?? =))))) 

Ha... I watched this movie with my room-mate who gets scared super easily..... Even though the movie wasn't scary to me... Just pretty intense... She jumped, hid behind my back, leaned on the wall and ran away to another room =)))))) But still even she liked the movie =))))))))))))))))

Wow... Looks like lots of horror movies watched =))))))))))))))))))

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