Sunday, May 1, 2011

Seeing My Bestie =)))

Hey there everyone!!!
So the other day I went back home to Yaro.... And one of my missions was to see a best friend of mine - Liza.... And the mission was acoomplished =)))) We spent a lovely time together in one of cafes I've never been to and then just walked until we froze our butts off =)))) 
It's super hard to be far from each other cuz we never really get to talk anymore... Just send each other messages once in a while.... So once I met her I finally had a chance to relief my soul and "release" everything I kept for so long to tell her =))))) 
Once I got home and mom asked how my time with Liz was.... I just said "She's my psychologist" =))) 
Here are some pictures of that happy day =)))


Can't wait to see her again.... But when it's much warmer to have a loooong looooong walk =)))) 

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