Friday, March 25, 2011

I didn't tell you about my job yet

So yeah... Some of you probably don't know yet but I moved to Moscow in October and got a job in November. 
I work in an American Medical Center as a call-center operator and administrator at reception. It was hard at first cuz I had to memorize tooooooooooons of information... And I still don't know everything and keep on asking my collegues how to do this or that thing right or who I should ask this or that question.... 
On the one hand it's not that hard and things are pretty much easy to do.... But on the other hand it's sooooo stressful sometimes.... Like today I tried to solve a problem for like an hour running around the center and figuring things out.... And pretty much ended up with a success =))) 
My collegues... well most of them... are really cool and funny... It's easy for me to work with them =))) 
I got a nickname at work by the way =)))) It's Sexy Borina =))))) But now they are thinking of a new one =))))) 
Also people just can't stop talking about my boobs and how huge they are =)))) It's always funny to hear all of their comments =))) 
I'd show you some pictures but I don't have any ((( 
Well... Only some from the official wesite...

This is our building

This is our cardiologist.The funnies thing about him is that he often comes to me and starts talking about some old celebrities and we check pics of them online to see how old they became =)))) 

This is one of my favorite doctors =)))) He always makes me smile and he supported me when I had my first fight with one of my collegues

This doctor is really cool and always ready to help me out and figure out some stuff 

And this is the cutest doctor in the clinic =))))

Ok... I'm done with all this doctor stuff =)))) There's no need for you to know all of them =)))) 
But now you know that I'm doing here just fine and finally living my own adult life =)))) Having a job and not living with mom anymore =)))

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