Thursday, March 17, 2011

If you wanna laugh just wake me when I'm sleeping

The other day I went to visit Aaron and he watched lots of American Dad... I was kinda tired so I fell asleep watching it with him.... And in my dream I saw Francine Smith from these TV series.

And at the moment when in my dream some man came to Francine Aaron was done watching and tried to wake me up... Here comes this dialogue:

Me: Some man came
Aaron: What? What man?
Me (opening my eyes and looking at the door): Ah no, he hasn't come. He came to see a woman.
Aaron: What?? What woman???
Me: The blonde one... She's somehow related to us.... 

Then I just started mumbling something trying to say at least something and explain who she was.... But then I realized that she was just a cartoon character and I need to wake up =)))))))))))))))) Ha... that was so funny that we just burst out laughing =))))))

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